My two cents on CR 1

Dear Editor,
Regarding the paving of CR1, I would to throw my two cents into the discussion.
I’ve heard of lot of comments on why we shouldn’t go forward with this project. I’ll make it perfectly clear that while I respect everyone’s right to their opinion, I am in disagreement with those opinions.
I’ve lived on the mesa for 17 years and I’ve waited all those years to have the shortest route to Montrose paved. Personally, I’m sick and tired of the washboard conditions that often exist. I’m tired of washing my vehicle knowing that the next time I go into Montrose it’ll be dust-covered at best and a muddy mess (often with Mag Chloride) at worst.
I’ve been told….”Just go around through Ridgway.” The fact is, I don’t want to and don’t think I should have to.
Some of the arguments opposing improving the county road are….more traffic – this is possible, but not assured. The time involved for people to transit from Montrose to Telluride will actually be shorter on US 550. For us on the mesa to go into Montrose would be far shorter utilizing CR1. So, using increased traffic as a reason is a bit weak and not verifiable. 
An increase in road kill…again, there’s no way to know that this would occur.
Next, that non-tax paying people from Montrose would be using “our” road. I don’t think we want to go there since I’m sure that nearly all of us drive on Montrose streets….streets we haven’t paid a dime to maintain.
As for the people who are fighting this because they won’t be driving on the improved section as much as others will be, I can only say that I don’t go to Ouray all that often and some of the other county roads I’m never on. However, part of our local taxes go for the improvement and maintenance of those roads. I have no problem with this, but it’s not all that different from what some of my neighbors believe. 
Next, I’ve been a tax-paying citizen for nearly 50 years. Wherever, I’ve lived I’ve never voted against a school mill levy even though I’ve never had any kids of my own. I’ve never minded this use of tax dollars simply because it’s part of my civic responsibility and being a good citizen.
I don’t expect this letter to change the minds of those individuals opposed to this measure and, as I said, I respect their right to disagree. I do feel it’s important to state opinions on the pro side  for the people who do want to see improvement in our community.
Tom Wicevich
Log Hill Mesa/DR&C