Medicaid cuts imminent

Dear Editor,
This week Governor Hickenlooper is proposing dramatic cuts in primary care reimbursement rates in Medicaid - an average reduction of more than 23 per- cent. This action will reduce access to quality health care and it will penalize all Coloradans who will pay more for their health care due to inevitable cost shifting.
We currently struggle with a shortage of providers that accept Medicaid and these drastic reimbursement cuts will result in an even greater number of providers that will not accept Medicaid.
Please see our website ( to access an easy-to- use tool that will let you send a personal-
ized message to your state legislator urging them to protect primary care payments. (Note: Children's Hospital Colorado are providing the advocacy email platform to support this action alert, but the message you send will come from you, with no ref- erence to Children's Hospital.)
Please join us in letting state legislators know that we do not support reimburse- ment cuts for providers that accept Medicaid.
This link will expire at midnight on Jan. 17. Thank you,
Stacey Wright Programs Manager Tri-County Health Network