Wishing success for new administrator

Dear Editor, As the City of Ouray is preparing to hire a new city administrator, I was thinking how influential that person can be and what a positive effect they can have on our city. Take, for example, David Vince.


Ad critical of Padgett was misinformed, mean-spirited Dear Editor, For you and any of your readers who were not here during the debates in the Board of County Commissioners over visual impact and other provisions in the Ouray County Land Use Code, I would like to provide some clarification. An attack ad appeared in last week’s edition against candidate Lynn Padgett.

Unaffiliated commissioner candidates present possible conflicts of interest

Dear Editor, There is an unfortunate dynamic in many local and county governments in this country, where real estate developers and construction interests are serving (or, all too often, self-serving) as the elected officials making land use decisions. While these are perfectly honorable professions, not all of their practitioners have noble motivations for public office.

Group won't maintain proposed trail

Dear Editor: Regarding the dispute over winter access on County Roads, the Ouray Trail Group {OTG) Board of Directors recently discussed the possibility of OTG maintaining the trail proposed on private lands along County Road 5. On Sept.

Leave the signs alone

Dear Editor, It is with interest I noted a post on social media a few days ago regarding the disappearance of a Biden/Harris campaign sign from a Ridgway resident's yard. Several weeks ago we had a Stop The Donald sign go missing from the front of our home.

A critical election

Dear Editor, I agree with the numerous protestations that the upcoming election will be pivotal for democracy in the United States. We must all exercise our right to vote, which for us here in Colorado is as easy as dropping a letter at the post office or better yet putting your signed ballot in an official ballot drop off box.

Help keep old baseball field open for physical education

Dear Editor, Two weeks ago Ridgway Elementary School reopened preschool through fifth grade. While it has been a tremendous amount of work to prepare for our students, we have been thrilled to engage in face to face instruction with our students once again.

With freedom comes responsibility to wear masks

Dear Editor: We have a small minority of citizens in Ouray County that apparently do not understand that the best way to whip COVID-19, save lives and restore the economy is to wear a mask, social distance and get tested if you show symptoms of the coronavirus. When yo u wear a mask you are being thoughtful of any person you come in contact with because without a mask you may knowingly or unknowi ngly transfer the virus to that person.

A vote for unaffiliated candidates is a vote for GOP slate

Dear Editor: Some voters have wondered why the Ouray County Republican Party did not field candidates for the County Commission positions up for election this year. Make no mistake, the Republican Party did select ca ndidates when members decided at their county assembly in March to back the slate of unaffi liated candidates John Peters and Ned Bosworth.