Councilor should only be judged on performance

Dear Editor: Last week’s Plaindealer contained an opinion from Mr. Scott Clifford regarding Ouray council member Ethan Funk and the Pledge of Allegiance. While others likely hold Mr. Clifford’s opinion

Criticism of Funk worthy of apology

Dear Editor: Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is a relatively new addition to council meetings initiated by a close vote by a recent council and subject to change by the

Commissioners should appoint the sheriff

Commissioners should appoint the sheriff Dear Editor: During the recent conversation concerning the future of the county sheriff there has been one important subject left out: why is the sheriff

Evidence of president's obstruction is obvious

Evidence of president's obstruction is obvious Dear Editor: In a recent letter, Stephen Baum wrote that decorated Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman confirmed that the transcript was an accurate depiction

Sheriff is a liability to county

Sheriff is a liability to county Dear Editor: The much talked about Ouray County sheriff recall petition is not a partisan issue. It is an issue that everyone in the

Facts don't support impeachment

Dear Editor: A recent letter to the editor concerning President Trump's impeachment began with several statements that the writer claimed were "the facts we know." Many were false. Let's set

Questions abound for Tipton, Gardner

Dear Editor: Regarding President Trump’s impeachment, these are the facts we know: 1) Congress appropriated military aid to Ukraine in February to help fight a hot war against Russia, who

Why is recall effort hassling a good man?

Dear Editor: Why has it become fashionable to attack people who have volunteered to serve their community? The appointment of Ethan Funk followed City Council rules. There was nothing "unfair"


From the Ouray County Herald and Ouray County Plaindealer: 50 Years Ago December 25,1969 - A bit of liquor at a party oils the wheels of social intercourse. But it