Donations will allow for new firefighter gear

Dear Editor, What an amazing response! The Log Hill Fire firefighters and district board members asked for the community’s help in reaching a goal to raise $18,000 to complete an

County needs to be more open on case

Dear Editor, I attended the recent BOCC meeting. During the Call to the Public, Ms. James spoke to the handling of the Richard Herman case and his continued employment with

Thanks to sheriff for support of local 4-H

Dear Editor, In all my years of attending the 4-H livestock auction at the Ouray County Fairgrounds, I have never seen any representation in the stands from the Ouray County

Ouray Mountain Rescue work was exemplary

Dear Editor, I must take this opportunity to express to the Ouray Mountain Rescue team, each and every one, our gratefulness for rescuing our dear friends on Saturday, August 17th

Box Canon birds need more protection

Dear Editor, The town of Ouray has a wonderful park in Box Canon. The staff are caring and engaged and the falls are impressive. The town of Ouray also has

Visitors should share road upkeep burden

Dear Editor, In the debate about the funding of maintenance for county roads, I think that it is imperative that non-resident users be charged a fee. I live off Camp

Town should stand up to businesses on rates

Dear Editor, Recent Plaindealer reports suggest that many Ridgway business owners think Ridgway “owes” them a water rate break because business does “so much” for the Town. Business owners (like

Stepping aside for other school board candidates

Dear Editor, I want to sincerely thank the 40 voters who recently signed my candidacy petition for Ridgway School District Board of Education - your encouragement and enthusiasm was a


Dear Editor, Common sentiment seems to place the blame for a shortage of affordable housing in Ridgway (and Ouray County generally) on short-term rentals. There’s truth in this. Certainly the