Land exchange a bad idea

Dear Editor,
I was interested to see the Plaindealer article regarding the land exchange of the Thistledown properties, giving Rockbiter Corp. ownership of Forest Service land along Canyon Creek. The Forest Supervisor for the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest, Mr. Scott Armentrout, is quoted as saying, “It is desirable … (for administration and management reasons) … to effect this ownership change.”
Obviously Supervisor Armentrout does not live anywhere in the vicinity of these properties. Perhaps if Rockbiter would install a zip line, challenge course, or host mine tours on pristine, once-public property down the road from Mr. Armentrout’s house, as Rockbiter suggests doing on the Thistledown properties, he might have a different opinion as to the desirability of the land exchange.
We who live in the area strongly feel that the land exchange is not in the best interests of Ouray and the general public. We would like to keep Canyon Creek non-commercial and a continuing scenic draw for tourists from all over the world now and for the future.
Jeremy Hellman
Chalet Hayden