I’m here, and I'm ready to tell your stories

I spent most of my first week in Ouray County walking around wide-eyed, overwhelmed by how stunning it is, unable to believe I could somehow, actually, get to live here. I had an idea of where I was headed from reading old Plaindealer stories, countless Google searches, and late nights scrolling through pictures on social media, but nothing prepared for seeing it myself.

After racing through 50 years, it's time to slow

The idea of aging has been on my mind lately. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps the impending half-century celebration of my birth is it. Yes, pretty sure that's it. I will be so in December. When I was 12, I was pretty darn sure I didn't want to be so. I felt so was the "ancient" age. I didn't have to ask for help with anything at 35 so why would I want to ask for help at nearly so? That's admitting that I am older and in need of help. Goodness knows, as does anyone who knows me, that the word HELP really doesn't exist in my vocabulary, unless I am helping someone else. We are blessed that we live in Ouray County for more reasons than the beautiful scenery and decadent weather. We are blessed to live in a community filled with older fo lks who are full of life and fully invested in the belief that age is just a number. Perhaps that is where my thoughts should go. Age is just a number and 50 is a good number, for now. So, if my thoughts are firmly detoured to the belief that so is just a number, when wiU my mind convince my body to "get on board"?

The last draw on bath night is a bad place to be

When I was a child, my dad worked on a ranch near Ridgway. He made $150 a month. We were furnished with a house and utilities. The utilities boiled down to coal, and enough electricity to run a radio and a few light bulbs.

Think june was weird here? Check out Russia

Ouray doesn't often see snow followed by heavy smoke in June, but in this crazy year of coronavirus and more climate weirdness, that is exactly what we got - 2.2 inches of very wet, heavy snow on the morning of June 9, which was also the last frost date this year - so far. This latest below freezing weather settled in u days after the average last frost date, May 29.