THURSDAY, OCT. 1 LIVE MUSIC: Stillhouse Junkies at the Courtyard at 610 in Ridgway.

Landscaper: Pay bill or go to court

A Ridgway landscaper who filed a small-claims complaint against the Ouray School District last year is now asking the district to pay her for work on the school’s playground. Susan Maybach, who owns Earth Wind and Rock landscaping company, originally filed a complaint alleging she was owed more than $8,000 in work completed for the playground renovation in 2019.


County records first positive virus case in 26 days A Ouray County woman in her 40s has tested positive for COVID-19, the first confirmed case here in 26 days. Montrose Memorial Hospital on Sept.

Schools adjust to new normal

Principals at both Ridgway Elementary and Secondary Schools reported a smooth adjustment to the new normal of daily temperature checks, social distancing mask wearing and remaining in cohort groups to the school board at its Sept. 24 meeting.


GUNNISON Proposed changes to Gunnison’s land-use regulations could pave the way for accessory dwelling units in a residential zone designed for single family homes have come under fire. Concerned citizens this past week circulated a petition with 27 signatures prior to a City of Gunnison Planning and Zoning Commission works session dedicated to the topic.

How to hunt safely

Hunting accidents have declined rapidly since the passage of two laws in 1970. One law requires hunter education training for all hunters born on or after Jan. 1, 1949. The other requires hunters to wear at least 500 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing above the waist--including a head covering visible from all directions.

High-altitude survival tips

Every year more than a few hunters must be rescued from the wilds and high country of Colorado. Hunters get trapped by snowstorms, injured in various types of accidents or simply get lost in the woods.

Q&A: Election 2020

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, but registered voters in Colorado will start receiving mail-in ballots after Oct 9. With national concern about the integrity of mail-in ballots, Colorado is getting national attention for its system. Colorado began statewide vote by mail in 2013, although some counties adopted mail ballots before that.