Civic experience puts Mitsch Bush far ahead of Boebert

Dear Editor, The differences between Diane Mitsch-Bush and Lauren Boebert could not be greater or the stakes higher. Boebert is in way over her head, while Mitsch-Bush’s experience, education and thoughtfulness show she has the leadership, ideas, & open mind to represent the people of the 3rd Congressional District.

Food Pantry grateful for donations, large and small

Dear Editor, Even in the best of times, there are those within our community who cannot meet their nutritional needs fully without community support. Since our inception in 2013, the Ouray County Food Pantry has had the privilege and the pleasure to serve those community members in need.

Tax increase needed to keep medical clinic in county

Dear Editor, As the population of Ouray County is expanding and growing, the need for a modern medical facility is more important than ever Keeping health care local to our community means not having to take an entire day off from work or school to have a sports physical, blood pressure check or a refill on medications. Having an up to date building with an X-ray machine to diagnose broken bones, or lung issues, is priceless when time is not on your side to fix the break or get on antibiotics quickly.

Do local Democrats of destruction?

Dear As you well know there has been a lot of vandalism of Trump signs, Lauren Boebert signs and Cory Gardner’s signs. There are now signs from the Padgett and Niece campaign being put up next to John Peters signs, illegally by trespassing.

Voters have committed candidates in Niece, Padgett

Dear Editor, I am thrilled that Jake Niece and Lynn Padgett are candidates for county commissioner in their respective districts. I first met Jake when he moved to town and began attending a variety of meetings (including BOCC meetings which he attends regularly).

Keeping Boebert out of office requires citizens to act

Dear Editor, Ouray County faces an important choice in this year’s election, and I’m not talking about the race for county commissioner Our Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Lauren Boebert, has grabbed the spotlight— and President Trump’s attention—and is dangerously likely to win her race if Democrats and reasonable Republicans don’t step up to the plate and rally behind her opponent, Diane Mitsch Bush.

A vote for Peters is a vote for great county roads

Dear Editor, Since John Peters was elected county commissioner in 2016 our county roads have improved considerably and are now better than at any time during the 21-plus years I’ve lived in Ouray County. Candidate Peters ran on this in 2016.

Cross-country kids get to be kids, thanks to so many

Dear Editor, I am fortunate to be embedded in a cohort of three San Juan Mountain communities in Silverton, Ridgway and Ouray who have come together with a pinpoint purpose and a collective soul to take area cross-country running into a zone that cuts through COVID-19 challenges as if they weren’t there. Thanks to all of the runners, coaches, school administrators, county health and state park officials, parents, volunteers and fans for their cooperative spirit that has let kids be kids in the great outdoor venues that make our little corner of the state priceless.