The best kind of love is the Cowboy kind

February is the month of valentines and love is in the air, or so “they” say. I don’t know who “they” are but “they” are obviously not involved with a cowboy. The activity that is brewing in the air around our home is prepping for calving season and complaining about the lack of snow. Both are topics that don’t bring strong loving feelings from me. The air in our home is quite mundane this time of year. Now, I’m not saying my cowboy doesn’t invoke loving feelings. He is a kind soul with a lot of love in his heart. Unfortunately, that loving heart has a tendency to express itself rather silently. One will rarely (never) hear a cowboy profess his love in the middle of a crowd. A cowboy would turn his head away from the roving camera trying to capture a kiss at a ball game, if he ever went to a ball game. You are very unlikely to experience a “dance in the rain” with a cowboy because they aren’t openly fond of getting wet. Valiant displays of affection are not the strong suit for most cowboys. The subtle gesture is more the “mood of operation” in their realm.


50 YEARS AGO January 29, 1970 - Willie Cox, age 10, was killed in an accident on the municipal ski slope in Ouray Friday forenoon. The tragedy occurred at about


50 YEARS AGO January 15, 1970 - The Ouray County School Planning committee met last Thursday, January 8, in another step toward eventual consolidation of the two school districts of