I was sure all was lost

Dear Editor,
Recently, I received some very important papers in a FedEx envelope. After checking the papers I put the papers back into the envelope and left the envelope on the kitchen counter. The next morning, Tuesday, the envelope was thrown into the recyclable container which was picked up later that day. The following day, I went looking for my envelope and realized what had happened. I quickly called the waste company who referred me to Wanda at the Town Hall. I left her a message as to what had happened. I then drove over to the Town Hall and found Wanda already on the phone with Jonathan at the recyclable plant. Jonathan then took down all my information and a description of the envelope and called his crew to stop dumping and start looking for my envelope. By this time, I was sure that my papers were lost for good.
Twenty minutes later, Jonathan called and they had already found my envelope!
I went and got my envelope and all the papers were in it including a cashier’s checque.
Ridgway has so many great and caring people who will go the extra mile to be helpful.
A huge "thank you" to Wanda, Jonathan and his men at the recycle centre.

Lily Olson