CDOT has scheduled roadside maintenance operations on US 550 north of Ridgway, starting Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Plaindealer Staff Report Motorists may experience intermittent road closures on US 550 north of Ridgway starting Oct. 17 due to roadside maintenance operations conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation. The work is scheduled to begin this Tuesday and... + continue reading

November's ballot will feature a question on county courthouse renovation.

by Beecher Threatt County commissioners voted unanimously to ask voters to approve a county sales tax increase from 2 percent to 2.55 percent for up to 20 years to fund renovation and restoration of the courthouse. The decision came during a special meeting of the... + continue reading

Christine Potter Witherspoon poses with her display at the Ouray County Fair last week. The exhibit depicts memories associated with the 80-year history of the Potter Ranch. Included was an antique washing machine used by the family for years, her father’s old hat and spurs, and her mother’s boots, among other memorabilia, some of which has been donated to the Ouray County Ranch History Museum in Ridgway.

Plaindealer photo by Mary Menz

by Mary Menz Nestled in the lush valley between Ridgway and Ouray is the Potter Ranch, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary. Christine Potter Witherspoon, granddaughter of John and Jennie Potter, who purchased the original property in 1937, commemorated the event... + continue reading
MLO brochure

The Ouray School District board of education reviewed and edited a draft version of an informational brochure developed by The Ouray Vote Yes on the MLO Committee, at its Aug. 17 work session.

Plaindealer photo by Mary Menz

by Mary Menz The Ouray School District’s board of education held its monthly work session Aug. 17. The primary topic on the agenda was a line-by-line review of the Vote Yes on the School Mill Levy Override brochure and a review of the official language that will be... + continue reading
Highgrader's Holiday

Highgraders Holiday co-organizer Steve Martinez drills a test hole into a San Juan Tuff boulder using a 125-pound jack leg. The jack leg drilling contest requires competitors to drive a three-foot length of steel into two numbered squares on two different boulders. The event takes place this weekend in Ouray.

Courtesy photo

by Mary Menz Imagine holding a carbon steel stake straight while your partner swings an eight to 12-pound sledge hammer to drive it into the rock being drilled. The hole needs to be deep enough to hold a stick of dynamite, so it takes multiple swings to drive different... + continue reading

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by Dalton Carver

Frustration and confusion on what the Ouray County Planning Commission should do next, regarding recent developments in the high alpine development regulations in the... + continue reading


by Dalton Carver

Another vacancy was created at the Ouray County Planning Commission with the recent resignation of April Orgren. This brings the vacancy count up to two for the... + continue reading

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Summer is most assuredly in full swing. The heat around here has been a little much for me. I don’t know what you do to cool off...there are many options, I know. Around here there is the... + continue reading