His hand upon our nation

Dear Editor,
I am shocked and gravely concerned that we have two city council members that object to saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their meetings. These two women voiced their objections at last Monday's meeting, as is stated in the article "Council members not ready to pledge allegiance at meetings," in the Jan. 7 Plaindealer. I hope all of City of Ouray citizens read this.
Our Nation was dedicated to God at Cape Henry in 1609. Our Nation's laws were based on Godly values by several clergy. The idea of "separation of church and state" has been so misguided in its interpretation.
The true meaning is that no one organ- ized church by name can rule our Nation,
but we must include Godly values in every form of government. Even though the Supreme Court has passed some un-Godly laws, God is still in control and has His hand upon our Nation.
These two women have the 'liberty,' as in the Pledge, to voice their objections, but I am concerned that they are in leadership roles as City Council members to make decisions that effect our blessed City of Ouray. It seems they have no objections in receiving their "In God We Trust" salaries.
God bless you, Pam Larson, for your patriotism. You might also suggest opening with prayer.
Dodie Merritt Drechsler, Ouray