Grateful for Ouray area first responders

Dear Editor,

On Nov. 16 a wildfire broke out on my property outside Ridgway near Dallas Meadows. I was burning a couple of cardboard boxes when the wind came up and set the property ablaze. The dry grass and sagebrush rapidly became an inferno burning approximately five acres and threatening a home adjacent to my land. Thanks to the prompt response of the Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department the home was saved and sustained no damage.The firefighters fought the eight-foot flames in a very professional manner. Many neighbors assisted with  the fight. The (Colorado) State Patrol officer on the scene also assisted with shovel in hand trying to put out the blaze. Officers of the Ouray County Sheriff's Office were also on the site.
I would like to thank all those involved in the effort: all my neighbors, the Ridgway Fire Department, the State Patrol and the Ouray Sheriff’s  Office. Without your help this could have been a horrible disaster and a home could have been destroyed. I've learned my lesson about fire and wind and how fast things can get out of control. Hopefully others can learn by my mistake.
Thank you all again,
Rick Lyon
Dallas Meadows