Wisdom Underground yoga offers classes under chocolate shop

  • Wisdom Underground owners owners Adam Andrade and Katey Fetch have opened a yoga studio in Ouray and hope to expand classes soon.
    Wisdom Underground owners owners Adam Andrade and Katey Fetch have opened a yoga studio in Ouray and hope to expand classes soon.


The space under Mouse’s Chocolates has transformed into a yoga studio, which is adding more classes this fall.

The Wisdom Underground studio, located at 229 Sixth Ave. in Ouray, had a soft opening in June, but the owners are offering more classes now that the cooler weather is drawing people down from the mountains.

Heavily focused on yoga’s roots and meditation, owners Adam Andrade and Katey Fetch offer an approach to yoga that is more in-depth than simply getting some exercise or gaining flexibility. Their interest is spiritual as well as physical.

“We’ve been studying for over a decade now. We spent time in India, both of us, extended periods of time in India.” Andrade said. “I think we provide a unique balance between a very philosophical approach to yoga and meditation as opposed to just come in for your exercise or something you do on a daily basis. We are so much so steeped in the tradition and so as far as being teachers goes, we provide a little something extra for people who come here.”

Andrade is a Tibetan translator who specializes in translations of ancient texts, which is what initially attracted the couple to yoga and meditation. They hope providing a space for yoga will help others.

“If we can help at least one person have a happier life, then it’s worth it,” Fetch said. She wants to reach out to people who may be afraid that “yoga is going to hurt them or be too hard or that meditation is something weird that can’t help.”

Along with yoga and meditation classes, Wisdom Underground will also host weekly philosophic classes to study why yoga works. Fetch plans to teach more classes, including meditation and “The Buddha on Business” as the retail season winds down. Andrade will also teach meditation and philosophical classes in the winter.

The couple is looking for more yoga teachers to join them. Mandy Simpson, a massage therapist from Colorado Kur, currently teaches some classes, and two other teachers are also joining Wisdom Underground.

Classes have been sporadic up to this point as the owners recently became parents and are still trying to keep their other careers in balance. Fetch owns the Skyflower Boutique, which has a location in Ouray and in Silverton, where she grew up. The Ouray location will stay open all winter, but the one in Silverton will close, giving Fetch more time to devote to Wisdom Underground.

Andrade, originally from Alabama, has a career in engineering along with another side job, but is also eager to put time and effort into the studio this winter.

Currently Wisdom Underground has classes scheduled at 8 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 5:30 on Thursday evenings and also at 10 a.m. on Saturdays. Classes cost $12 for adults and $6 for students. But the times for classes can change so people who are interested can check with the studio for current offerings, as classes are expected to be added to the schedule this fall.