Ridgway pizzeria has new owners

  • John Lynch and Frida Dalaguit became the new owners of Panny's Pizza this month.
    John Lynch and Frida Dalaguit became the new owners of Panny's Pizza this month.

Ridgway favorite Panny’s Pizza has new owners, but the menu and management will stay the same, ensuring happy customers continue to enjoy pizza, soup and ice cream.

John Lynch and his fiancee, Frida Dalaguit of Buena Vista, took ownership of Panny’s earlier this month, purchasing it from Shawn Dill. Though they will only be around on weekends, they know the place is in good hands since they are keeping the same staff, who have been with the business for a while.

Lynch is very pleased that Shannon Roberts will continue as supervisor and Kathryn Hernandez will continue as manager. He said he had absolute trust in their abilities to keep the pizzeria running successfully.

“I am very impressed. They picked out good ones,” Lynch said, expressing his confidence in the staff.

Lynch and Dalaguit are looking to possibly move to the area in the next six months, but Lynch is currently busy running a home-health business in Buena Vista.

Lynch had long been interested in owning a restaurant in the area and found Panny’s listed for sale on a commercial real estate website he checks frequently. Once he was able to see the business in person and talk with Dill, he was confident in the decision to purchase.

“I liked the place. It felt good,” Lynch said.

Lynch wants to get a feel for things as they stand now before making any major changes to the restaurant and its menu, although he plans to introduce lunch specials, special pricing during football season, and maybe even local and military discounts.

Lynch aims to “cater to locals as much as possible.”

He wants to hear what customers think and will eagerly take any tips on improvements he can make.

“That’s what it’s about. Taking care of your people, in your neighborhood area. We’ll get the traffic from the tourists, but I firmly believe in buying local and taking care of local stuff,” Lynch said.

Panny’s is currently closed on Sundays, but Lynch plans to be open seven days a week starting in May.