Copy that: Ridgway office supply store changes hands

  • The new owners of Ridgway Office Supply, Spencer Fuller and Erin Graham, are eager to carry on the store’s well-established services as well as venture into a mailbox service.
    The new owners of Ridgway Office Supply, Spencer Fuller and Erin Graham, are eager to carry on the store’s well-established services as well as venture into a mailbox service.

A 25-year-old business in Ridgway has new owners. Gale Ingram turned over her business, Ridgway Office Supply & Services, to Ridgway residents Erin Graham and Spencer Fuller earlier this month.

Graham was previously a flight attendant with United Airlines and got furloughed during quarantine. The timing was perfect when her neighbor, a friend of Ingram, told her about the store being for sale. Graham was ready for some stability with less travel time and has considered Ridgway home since 2017.

Graham will be managing the store full-time as Fuller, her husband and co-owner, has his own full-time job as the vice president of agriculture for Veritas Farms, a hemp company based in Pueblo.

Ingram thanked her customers for 25 years of their business and praised Graham as cheerful with a can-do attitude. She said Graham “is a wonderful, positive, no-drama person who is excited to continue our reputation with thoughtful, smart, timely service to each of you.”

Ingram also thanked employee Carolyn Wood for all of her support in 13 years of working at the store.

Ingram and Wood have committed to stay on and work one day a week, giving Graham a weekend. They are currently helping with the transition and will be able to fill in as needed.

The new owners do not plan any significant changes to any of the services offered at the store, though they will roll out a few additions, starting with a personal mailbox service.

Soon there will be 16 boxes available to rent, along with two parcel lockers. Graham and Fuller will gauge interest, and if it is successful they will obtain more boxes, which will be located outside on the south side of the building at 631 Sherman St., under the awning for 24-hour access.

“I feel like that will be a hit, but it’s a scary thing to jump into until we know for certain,” Graham said.

Graham plans to incorporate small gift items and art into the store’s inventory, especially as Christmas approaches.

“We are getting more merchandise like gift items from local Colorado artists and will maybe partner up with some graphic artists,” Graham said. “Otherwise we are keeping everything the same, keeping UPS and the blackline printing for architects and construction.”

The store has a specialized printer for blackline architectural drawings which can make copies of existing drawings or print from email. The next closest printing services of this type are in Telluride and Montrose.

For a $1 fee, packages can be shipped via UPS from Ridgway Office Supply, and for $2 people can have their packages delivered to the store to pick up at their convenience.

The only membership needed will be for the personal mailboxes.

Hours remain limited, with the store open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The plan is to move back to a regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule in October. Only one person at a time is allowed in the small area, but a walk-up window is available.

Customers also have the option of paying over the phone and having their package ready for them outside.

“We are just trying to keep servicing the community. We are really excited to be here. We bought a house two blocks down,” Fuller said.

A full list of services at Ridgway Office Supply is available at