Fairchild fights for first Player of the Year honor

by Dalton Carver

With a practice session taking place across the court, Lauren Fairchild aims at the basket that towers over the eighth grader. Just before she releases the ball, she hears a shout come across the gym.
“If I was shooting, I’d probably hold my elbow in!” the voice said. “Just throwing that out there.”
The interaction was the beginning of a player/coach relationship that would create a stellar Ouray basketball player. The shouter, Craig Kaminsky, would become Fairchild’s head coach the next year and oversee her career as one of the greatest athletes to grace Ouray’s basketball court. Fairchild, the daughter of Christen Williams and Chris Fairchild, was the high school team’s manager as an eighth grader and, although it was the first instance of interaction with Kaminsky, it would be far from the last.
A little more than four years later, Fairchild ended her senior season as one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the school district. She finished the 2018-2019 hardcourt campaign as one of the top 15 scorers in Colorado, averaging 19.9 points, 8.1 rebounds, 2.6 steals, two assists and about a block every game.
“You should round it up to 20 points per game,” said Fairchild, laughing. “19.9 is a bit upsetting.”
“You shouldn’t have missed those free throws,” counters Kaminsky, smirking.
Fairchild was also named to the all-conference first team and gained...

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