Expected much more

Dear Editor,    

I have been following the work on the Ouray County Land Use Code quite closely and I honestly expected more.    I expected the BOCC to carefully consider changes to Section 9 after rejecting the Planning Commission’s draft. Unfortunately the BOCC workshops on Section 9 created a proposal that may be easier to enforce but weaker with respect to the protection of the county. This draft does not consider the PC’s concerns that the point system is too subjective and difficult to apply in a consistent manner.    I expected the BOCC to ensure the preservation of this county’s most valuable asset (our iconic views and beautiful ranchland) but instead we are presented with a code where protection is limited if not threatened.    I expected the BOCC would assume a position of compromise with respect to the addition of roads. I am deeply disappointed that this concept seems to have been completely dismissed.
I expected a stronger code that is much easier to use and less subjective. Instead we are greeted with a far weaker code that appears to be difficult to apply. I believe that this code needs a great deal more work and should perhaps be tested for its applicability by applying it alongside the existing code for the “road test.”     I expected so much more. Sincerely,

Jennifer Parker