Two new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Ouray County

  • COVID-19, courtesy Centers for Disease Control
    COVID-19, courtesy Centers for Disease Control

Ouray County has two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Friday morning, according to information from the Ouray County Public Health Department.

A 57-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man tested positive for the newest cases of coronavirus, making them the sixth and seventh cases in the county so far. The two are unrelated and do not live in the same area, and public health officials are investigating the source of contagion and any contacts the patients have had with others.

According to information from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, there have been a total of 82 tests performed on people who live in Ouray County, including local tests and those conducted elsewhere. Ouray County has reported one COVID-19 related death at this time.

The two new cases are Ouray County's first since April 17, when the fifth case was confirmed in a 52-year-old man who lives here but was tested in Montrose. Ouray County has had one COVID-related death.

Neighboring San Juan County reported its first case on Thursday. Montrose County confirmed nine more positive COVID-19 cases Thursday, for a total of 122 positives and 11 deaths.

At this time, two types of tests are available to people in Ouray County through Mountain Medical Center, even if someone is not a patient at the clinic. The criteria for testing has expanded since the swab test was first offered, and now symptoms including sore throat and loss of taste or smell are being considered to qualify testing in addition to the initial criteria of fever, shortness of breath or cough.

The swab test is being used to detect active virus, and another blood antibody test is available from the clinic through Quest Diagnostics. The antibody test is not recommended for diagnostic purposes, but only research at this time by the Centers for Disease Control. As of Friday, Mountain Medical staff reported one person has tested positive for antibodies through the blood test, and nine antibody tests have been performed in the past 10 days.

Editor's note: This story is still developing and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.