Ridgway quarantines sixth grade after two staff members test positive for COVID-19

  • COVID-19, courtesy Centers for Disease Control
    COVID-19, courtesy Centers for Disease Control

Ridgway School District's sixth-grade class will be quarantined until Jan. 25, due to two staff members testing positive for COVID-19.


According to an email to parents tonight from Superintendent Susan Lacy, the sixth graders will be learning online for seven days during this time. The cases were detected during staff COVID testing, according to Lacy's email. The district has been regularly testing teachers and staff members as part of a protocol to detect cases early and minimize virus spread.


It's unclear how many students this quarantine may involve beyond the sixth-grade class, or exactly how many students are quarantined. Last fall, Ridgway quarantined 18 elementary students due to a staff member testing positive. In response to positive cases stemming from a Halloween party, the district quarantined more than half of the students at the secondary school. Ridgway has maintained instruction since school opened in the fall, and has not shut down due to COVID-19. The majority of classes have been held in-person, with protocols including masks for some grades.


On Wednesday, Lacey did not give an update to members of a joint policy group meeting to discuss COVID-19 issues and left the meeting before the agenda item where she was scheduled to speak. The email was not sent to parents until after 5 p.m. Wednesday. Lacy noted in the email that every family affected by the quarantine has been contacted by phone and by a follow-up email from Secondary Principal Russell Randolph.