Ouray County reports new positive case of COVID-19

  • COVID-19, courtesy Centers for Disease Control
    COVID-19, courtesy Centers for Disease Control

Ouray County now has had eight positive cases of COVID-19, as of Thursday morning.

The latest case is a 36-year-old woman who was tested at Montrose Memorial Hospital, according to information from the Ouray County Public Health Department. Health officials are investigating the possible source of contagion and notifying those who came into contact with the woman.

The test was conducted on Monday and results were available Thursday morning. It was a swab test, which detects active infection.

Two of the positive cases in Ouray County have been detected with blood-antibody tests, which measure an immune response to the virus after a person is exposed. It's unknown when the two people who had positive antibody tests were actually infected, as it could be weeks or months prior to the test. The state is reporting swab tests as "confirmed" cases and antibody tests as "suspected cases" at this time.

Both types of tests are available through Mountain Medical Center in Ridgway, which is offering them to anyone in Ouray County who needs a test, regardless of whether they are patients.