County to buy rapid virus tests

Ouray County will spend $5,000 to purchase a machine to process COVID-19 tests, in the hopes of providing quicker results and a faster response to outbreaks. The decision comes as winter approaches, pushing people indoors and potentially bringing closer contact with others, and health officials anticipate higher infection rates of COVID-19.

Positive tests send students home

Eighteen Ridgway Elementary School students are currently in quarantine after two school staff members tested positive last week for COVID-19, marking the first time the pandemic has forced students in Ouray County to stay home since in-per son classes resumed five weeks ago.

New COVID-19 case reported

Ouray County has another new COVID-19 case, and it's believed to be connected to another case involving a woman in her 60s reported last week.

With virus, more questions than answers

The day before I flew to Colorado in May, I spent a long evening at my grandma’s house, wearing a mask and talking from across the room, trying to figure out how to keep my distance and still take advantage of time together before moving 2,251 miles away.

Market through the roof

For years, Dana and Andy Rodes talked about retiring in Colorado.

A Colorado Springs native, she planned to eventually leave Texas and return to the mountains where she grew up.

Child care challenge grows in county

Child care in Ouray County was not easy to come by before COVID-19, but in the last several months day cares and preschools have shuttered and some have been unable to open back up.