As racers made their way down the course at the Ouray County Fairgrounds, the pounding of horses’ hooves and the yells of jockeys and skiers carried over the music played on speakers, with no crowd of cheering spectators to drown them out.

Health director pleads for help

Ouray County Public Health Director Tanner Kingery says he is in desperate need of help as the county vaccine program rolls out, so much that commissioners Jake Niece and Ben Tisdel stepped up to help answer phone calls and do whatever else is needed to alleviate his burden.

For music classes, the beat goes on

As her students lined up in front of the truck carrying the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, Ouray School music teacher Karisa Hoover reminded them to keep their “arm space,” maintaining distance between them as they prepared to sing.

Up next? Seniors

Ouray County’s oldest residents could begin receiving COVID-19 vaccines next week if more doses arrive from the state. The county has administered about ioo vaccines since receiving its first shipment on Dec.

No. 1 top story of 2020: Slow to arrive, COVID-19 disrupted life

The coronavirus arrived slowly in Ouray County but took hold, causing disruption to businesses, schools and residents who adapted to a new way of living amid the pandemic. Shutdowns imposed by the state caused businesses to close temporarily in March, employees were laid off or furloughed, and others tried to find ways to operate without letting customers indoors.