An ode to my wife, the love of my life

For over two years, Sandy's been busy as a bee Taking care of her horse Digger, the cat Hobo, and me. Diggers' not much trouble, and Hobo's so easy it's silly, But it's a full time job wrangling Willie.


50 YEARS AGO October 8, 1970 - Judge George Kempf found in favor of the petitioners, the Ouray County commissioners, in the continuing dispute over the extension of County Road 5 from “Kelly’s Gate” to the National Forest. Respondents were Wayland Phillips, Colorado Livestock Production Credit Assoc., Rosamond Rohlfs Zetterholm, Anna Louise Rohlfs Sanders.

Chief Ouray: A leader caught in the middle

Most of us who live here know that the city and county were named for Chief Ouray. We’ve seen his photos along with his wife Chipeta. Maybe we’ve even visited the Ute Museum in Montrose or attended programs about our region’s history. There’s definitely more to Chief Ouray’s story if you look a little deeper Some of the accounts offer slightly differ ent facts, which makes it challenging for a lay historian.


50 YEARS AGO October 1,1970 - Editorial: Patience is playing out with telephone service in Ouray again. After the last go-arounds with different phone officials at least a year ago, things did improve for a time, but irate reports are again coming in, and with good reason.

With virus, more questions than answers

The day before I flew to Colorado in May, I spent a long evening at my grandma’s house, wearing a mask and talking from across the room, trying to figure out how to keep my distance and still take advantage of time together before moving 2,251 miles away.

Help your parched landscaping get through fall

September’s welcome early rain and snow have greened up the natural areas of Ouray, Ridgway and points between after an unseasonably hot and very dry summer. The high peaks of the San Juans sport snow-lined gullies. We could all be forgiven for anticipating a wet autumn.


5O YEARS AGO September17, 1970 - The bright new star in Federal Resources Corporation's national resource stable is the Camp Bird Mine at Ouray, which resumed operations this July. In a recent interview, "Nels W.

RICHARDSON: Earning our spots along Leopard Creek

When I was tO, my brother Carl and I lived with our mom and stepdad, Roger Gleason. Roger leased summer pasture on Dallas Divide. Every Sunday we would go there to check the cattle. We had pasture leased along Leopard Creek where Ski Dallas used to be. Carl and I wanted to camp there and fish.

Early county visitors rolled in on 'mud wagons'

The decades following the Civil War brought changes to the Western Slope of Colorado. The miners and prospectors came searching for rich mineral veins, and the homesteaders, ranchers, and farmers soon followed. They arrived by foot, in wagons and on horses.