Clarifying CR 1 statements

Dear Editor,

I am writing to clarify and comment on quotations reported in last week’s Plaindealer in the article “Citizens may foot road bill.” The article is very well written given the complexity of the subject. Toward the end of the article, there is a quote from Mr. George Kerber that needs clarification. The quote is regarding a question that the Citizen’s Action Committee for Improving CR 1 (CAC) has on its website in the Q&A section of the site. He quoted the question correctly: ”Why should residents of CR 22 and roads on the south end of the Mesa be part of the PID, since they can avoid the gravel section to exit the Mesa.” He quoted the answer incorrectly: “Not including CR 22 will result in an unfair tax burden on the tax payers that actually use CR 1.”
The answer he is referring to is actually: ”Limiting the PID to just properties entering the gravel segment of CR1 would result in a very unfair burden on those taxpayers. It is highly likely that the rest of us would use the road more if it were chip sealed.”
To add to that answer, currently, many residents of CR22 and other roads that connect to it, drive down CR 22 to CR1 and then drive north the approximately 2 miles to HWY 550 and then proceed north or south. Elsewhere in the article, Mr. Kerber is quoted as saying that he does drive only on that “already paved” 2 mile section of CR 1. That section of CR1 was chip sealed in 2002 and 2003. It has never had an overlay and most of it is in bad repair. All of the 2.6 mile section along the north end of CR1 to HWY 550, except for the approximately .2 miles that were replaced with asphalt in 2011, when many of the drainage issues there were fixed, will be repaired and given a new chip seal overlay in the proposed CR 1 improvement plan. Any remaining draining issues along that section will be repaired, as well.
Residents from the south and north ends of the Mesa are currently using CR 1 in both directions. With the proposed improvements, we expect that they will use it much more often.

Pete Whiskeman
Chair, CAC
Log Hill Mesa