CITY OF OURAY: RV regulations see more revisions

By Sheridan Block

The ongoing debate regarding the city's recreational vehicle regulations continued on Monday, May 19, during the city council meeting. Following a public hearing, with many residents showing up for comment, council went back and forth between motions and discussions in an effort to find a compromise.

Ordinance No. 3, presented to council during the April 21 meeting, included changes to existing City Code: a specific definition of an RV based on its use rather than its dimensions; direction of RV parking in the R-1, R-2, C-1 and C-2 zones, describing where on a lot one unoccupied RV may be stored; and, whether to allow RV parking in the parking lot of a lodging business.
A public hearing on Monday regarding changes made to the regulations had some residents showing support for the proposed language, while others argued against certain aspects of the ordinance — specifically the parking of an RV that is less than 25 feet long in the public right-of-way.
"I see part of the proposed RV policy as property rights gone awry," said resident Tom Henderson.
Henderson argued that the proposed policy, as written, gives "special privilege" to RV owners by permitting them to store their personal property on public property, on public roadways.
The use of this public driveway to store your private property is not a property right of the RV owner. If anything, it is...


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