CITY OF OURAY: Public urged to speak up and participate in Amendment 64 discussions


By Sheridan Block

City council will again discuss Amendment 64 at Monday's meeting and the public is encouraged to attend and give their opinions.
The discussion is aimed to get council to consider how they want to regulate marijuana within the city limits. According to City Administrator Patrick Rondinelli, council has three options on the subject: ban all retail and manufacturing of marijuana in the city, let voters decide next year whether or not they want marijuana shops in town or direct staff to start developing regulations.

Council is looking to citizens on which direction they should take. Though they are trying to listen to the public, at some point they will need to just make a decision, said Rondinelli.
"This is the opportunity for our public to come and tell their elected officials what they want to do," he said. "Right now, council isn't hearing much. They hear from a couple of people, but would really like to get some good input from our public."
The city council meeting is Monday at 7 p.m. at the Ouray Community Center. The agenda can be found on the City website at
Rondinelli also urges community members to voice their opinions even if they are unable to attend Monday's meeting. Citizens can write a letter to the council and drop it off at City Hall, send emails to staff and council or give them a call.
"The whole point is this is an open process and we want people to know they have an opportunity (to give their opinions) at these specific times," he said.