Cemetery boards to request merger

by Carolina King

Ouray County has a “desperate need” to combine its three cemetery districts, Karin Jones, member of the Dallas Park Cemetery Board, told county commissioners on Tuesday.
Jones has been on the cemetery board since 2001 and expressed feeling overburdened in the role due to a long unfilled vacancy.
“I need that third board member,” Jones said.
Jones’ initial request was for commissioners to appoint another Dallas Park Cemetery board member as soon as possible, but after some discussion Jones and commissioners all agreed that the vacancy was more likely to be filled if the three cemetery districts merged.
Cemetery district board positions are difficult to fill in rural areas because members are required by state law to live within the cemetery district they serve. Merging the districts would alleviate that requirement and the position could more easily be filled, as Jones said she has had people interested in being on the board that do not live in the district.

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