Benton Cody Willis

Benton Cody Willis of Ouray, Colorado was born on May 16, 1984 in Jackson, Mississippi to Bob and Belinda Willis.  A rambunctious, energetic child, he grew into a skilled adventurous man who loved the outdoors.

Cody was still a boy when he began to call Ouray home. He immediately adapted to the mountain lifestyle taking to skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and skateboarding.  He may have lost some of his Southern accent, but he always carried the gentlemanly demeanor of a bygone era exhibiting loyalty, honesty, and generosity.

He delighted in nothing more than bringing his artistic eye to carving snow in the backcountry of Ouray County.  He was able to transform ordinary things into extraordinary art. He approached all facets of his life with fervor and enthusiasm.  Cody entered rooms with arms extended waving and hugging on friends with an endless gregarious smile.  He was an avid outdoorsman, painter, photographer, craftsman, and d. j.  He dreamed big and reinvented himself daily.  Each day of his short life was dedicated to a new, bold aspiration.  He often said that success in life was defined by the relationships you build and the community connections you hold.  The only thing he liked more than seeing new places was exploring the complexity of this landscape with his canine adventure companion Naga.  Never dwelling on the past, Cody always looked off towards a bright future, his infectious positive attitude filling his sails.

Cody is survived by his parents Bob and Belinda, brother Til, sister-in-law Stephanie, and his beloved dog Naga.  A memorial service will be held at the Ouray Baptist Church on January 9th at 10 am.