The final turnstile: Tribute to a fallen matriarch

"Sooner or later you come back for that which (is) stored away, and sometimes it isn't there."  

~ Off Ramp, Hank Stuever...Adventures and heartache in the American elsewhere.

Back country rangers needed

Dear Editor:
I am writing to address a concern that I have for our backcountry resource.
With the increased 4-wheel drive and ATV visitors to the San Juan Mountains, it would appear that additional back country rangers would be a necessity.

What a city, Ouray!

What a city!
Last week I had a late night and lost a piece of clothing in the process.
Oh, you're thinking sure, Alan, you're going to tell us you were at the Coachlight Tavern and things got out of hand, right?
Not exactly.
I went to the Ice Park Committee meeting.
And it was quite the blur, so much so that the next day I looked all around for the new black fleece pullover my mother-in-law bought me and couldn't find it anywhere.

No longer annoying

It has been four months since I bought MY new colt and the call finally came to go and pick him up. Receiving that call brought a level of excitement that I hadn't felt in quite some time. I was giddy like a little girl anticipating the arrival of a new toy.
We had few days to prepare, two to be exact, and it was too long to wait. I ran to the tack shop and bought a new weanling halter and lead rope. I felt like a new mom buying the "come home" outfit for a newborn.

Apologies for vandalism

Dear Editor,
I am the case manager for Ouray County Juvenile Services. I am currently working with the three kids who vandalized the skate park in Ridgway and I am writing today to ask if you would be willing to publish the apology letters they wrote to the community. I have included them below. As they are juveniles, we have omitted the youths' names. 

Market distortions for healthcare

Dear Editor,
A reader lamented in a recent letter that she and her husband, ages 59 and 60, must pay $35,179.68 for health insurance in 2018 for an Anthem bronze plan with a $5,400 deductible that is no great shakes. It's understandable that the reader would want to brainstorm solutions to such a pickle.

Gun sales on the rise

Feeling any safer in the neighborhood this week? You may not, but there's a good chance your neighbor might be. That's because the Thanksgiving shopping weekend got off to a bang.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation reports that Black Friday firearm background checks set a record in the state. The CBI InstaCheck team conducted 4,779 background checks for firearms transfers on Friday.
It took 41 employees working a minimum of 10-hour shifts to conduct all the checks.
Talk about rapid fire. That's about one background check every six minutes per employee.