Ignoring due process

Dear Editor,
In last week's Plaindealer John Kissingford made a compelling and passionate statement regarding sexual crimes in the county, understandable concern for safety in our community and a plea for public discussion on how the current national social climate has reached into our county. I share and strongly support his thoughts on these disturbing issues.

Let's be heard

Dear Editor,
Sexual crimes have been crowding our county’s dockets: one man charged with drugging women to rape them, another with grooming a teen-ager into a sexual relationship, another with involvement in child pornography. And at the end of this month, a case of rape.
All four of these men charged concurrently in our tiny county. These are the cases that have made it to trial, which all statistics on the subject suggest represents a tip of the iceberg.
I am chilled by that fact.

Thankful to people in Ouray County

Dear Editor,
I am so thankful to be a part of Ouray County. The people that decorate the "Welcome to Ouray" sign on US 550 each year create a joy when entering our city.
The merchants and others who decorate Ouray create such a beautiful and festive atmosphere to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
The beautiful lighted displays of the nativity scene on the hill overlooking US 550 on County Road 14 was such a blessing.
Thank you for the exquisite fireworks display on New Year's. They were extraordinary. We appreciate and love Ouray and our county.

Headlines: Shakespeare’s ghost stalks Colorado town

It’s the last day of 2017. New Year’s Eve. Another year is slipping away. Most of my life I’ve regretted the passing of another year. Not so much this year.

I awoke this morning with no thoughts of C.S. Lewis’s White Witch of Narnia. No thoughts of hopelessness and despair.

My struggle with holiday addictions…food for thought

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved “The Holidays” are behind us. It’s depressing, how every freaking New Year I must embark on the wretched process of detox from a six-week steady diet of sugar, lard and beer. Resolutions and promises to maintain a healthy diet over “The Holidays” shatter like a dropped chocolate chip cookie, usually right after dinner on Thanksgiving Day (another piece of pecan pie, Mark?)

Predictions for Ouray County for 2018

Every year publications pull together a "year in review." We published one the first year we were here, perhaps the second, but haven't done one since. Reasons: everyone does it; it’s “easy” filler; and, we wonder how interesting it is to readers.

Becoming a translator of Cowboy talk

I was very young when I married my high school sweetheart. I was living in a smaller Southern California city, my father was on the city council and a Los Angeles County Sheriff, and my boyfriend was from the "wrong" side of town. So, as most young women do, I knew he was the One. The issues between us were huge: respect for the law was a big one and the fact that his family refused to speak English was the other. I found my younger self face to face with a genuine language barrier.

A time for stuffing stockings…and taking stock

As the end of 2017 fast approaches, it’s a natural time to look back, but it’s also a time to look ahead. Optimists are inclined always to look ahead. Pessimists are just the opposite. History is replete with wars and natural disasters and wrong turns.
Optimists tend to dislike and dismiss pessimists as dour and depressing. Expect the worst and it will happen. See the best in people and good things will happen.

The final turnstile: Tribute to a fallen matriarch

"Sooner or later you come back for that which (is) stored away, and sometimes it isn't there."  

~ Off Ramp, Hank Stuever...Adventures and heartache in the American elsewhere.