The medium is the message

I read a few things that got me thinking about the Denver Post, bloodletting, local journalism, craft beer and social media.
One was in the Colorado Springs Gazette this week, penned by its editor, Vince Bzdek. He noted how thankful he is that the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper he works for is owned by a Coloradan who has a stake in the state and ultimately skin in the game when it comes to the Gazette and its community.

The enemy within

"Alan!" she pushed from the bottom of her lungs in a hurried whisper, immediately waking me from deep sleep. She rarely calls me by my name, unless there's trouble, and it's usually due to trouble that I've created.
"Alan!" she screams again in her loudest whispered tone. I give her the attention any man gives his wife at times like these…that cautioned, certain look that says something's wrong and I'm about to be told it's my fault.
"I was sitting in the living room reading and I heard the garage door open," she said.
Well, that gets me off the hook.

Held hostage by the NRA

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to yet another mass shooting carried out with an assault weapon and in response to those who are against an assault weapon ban. If you are not able to defend your home with a pistol, shotgun and hunting rifle, then there is no hope for you. The addition of an assault weapon will not help. You are already free to hunt, target shoot, be a gun collector and have guns for self-defense. Why must you also have an assault weapon?

Couples who fly together...

Beecher and I actually left the state last week, together, on the same trip. Which meant for a brief period in time we didn't think about ink and paper.
That brief period, for me, was when we turned the corner in the Salt Lake City airport and there, past the ramp leading down to Terminal B were 2,000 of our soon-to-be closest friends.
"That's the flu waiting to happen," I popped off to my travel partner.
They say a joke is best when it is dipped in truth, and the truth hit us about three hours after our return home. It was not pretty.

Love is in the air

February is the month of Valentines and Love is in the Air, or so “they” say. I don’t know who “they” are but “they” are obviously not involved with a cowboy. The activity that is brewing in the air around our home is prepping for calving season and complaining about the lack of snow. Both are topics that don’t bring strong loving feelings from me.

Energy of immigrants enhance nation

Dear Editor,
My grandfather came over from Italy in the late 1890s. Southern Italy at
that time was a “s@#% hole country.” He was a carpenter and kindled a
thriving construction business. Whenever I see Hispanics working in
construction, I imagine my grandfather and his men speaking Italian rather
than Spanish, doing almost exactly the same thing. When my Italian ancestors
first came here, they would rent the attic of someone’s house because they
couldn’t afford a house of their own. Slowly they made money, had