On 20-20 hindsight: Suffer the children to find their way

It's not so much about what I do for a living as it is where. I came by that philosophy as a youngster in large part due to my vagabond father’s example. He left friends, relatives and job security in the rearview mirror—followed his heart and Route 66 west from Ohio to Arizona—scant possessions and a family of five squeezed into a ’49 Ford.

In light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Dear Editor,
In light of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Bill Cosby’s
recent conviction, and in the aftermath of our community’s recent
experiences of sexual assault, I am finding myself reflecting on the
prevalence of sexual assault that is perpetuated by the normalization of rape
culture in our society.
Rape Culture is defined as the following: “A society or environment
whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or
trivializing sexual assault and abuse” (Oxforddictionaries.com).

Somewhere near Disappointment Valley

"In the spring of 1880 two hundred and twenty-five exhausted persons reached the San Juan. First they build a little fort, and then their homes: one-room cabins of crooked cottonwood logs. There were no doors in the doorways, no glass in the windows. The sun seared the flats, lanced off the cliffs. Sandstorms whipped the town…Time has made a cruel mockery of the town's heroic founding."
"One Man's West"
David Lavender

Misleading headline? Really?

We don't mind being corrected. It's not a big deal. In fact, it's part of what we signed on to do.
So when a county commissioner just blurts out during an open meeting in front of the public that we misrepresented a conversation, he should be able tell us at least one thing we got wrong. Right?
Tuesday, County Commissioner Ben Tisdel told the other commissioners, a sizable crowd and anyone else who cared for an opinion devoid of facts, that our article entitled "Road committee steers commissioners in direction of tax increase" (April 5, 2018), lacked accuracy.

Support for wilderness

Dear Editor,
I write today about two wilderness initiatives that will favorably impact our region’s economy, ecosystem resiliency, watersheds, wildlife habitats and corridors, and recreation opportunities including hunting and fishing.  

Not owned by a hedge fund

Dear Editor,
First, congratulations on your CPA award, but sorry you were disappointed that it wasn’t “the big one.”
The many thanks are for your excellent work on your excellent paper, which I read thoroughly each week. When I read the commentary by Ms. Schlichtman (April 19), I realized, in honor of the first Colorado Journalism Week, it was time to let you know how much I’ve appreciated and enjoyed every issue. I’ve learned so much about this area just by reading them.

Going broke in Holyoke

We can't win 'em all, and never has that been more true than in recent months in this newspaper business of ours.
For starters, at the annual Colorado Press Association convention this week, we won our share of awards - perhaps more.
But we didn't win the big one.
We were shooting for our third straight year of being named best in our class, which judges us against newspapers our size in Colorado. We walked away with the Editorial Excellence award, but got bested by the Holyoke Enterprise for best in class.

One toke over the state line

In its "Perspective" section Sunday, journalists at the Denver Post came out swinging at their owner, Digital First Media. Headlines blazed with revolt against the venture capitalist firm that will lay off another two dozen newsroom employees this week, piling up over seven dozen layoffs in that department in the past three years.
"Colo. should demand the newspaper it deserves," read one headline. "Who will step up and save The Denver Post?" read another. "Journalists don't protest. But this time is different," read yet another.

On the move again

Here we go again, although it's been three years since we last said that.
The lease for our 8th Avenue office is up at the end of May. We could have renewed for another three years, but it's a lot of space, and usually I'm the only one there. Literally, there are weeks where I can count on one finger the number of visitors we get. So much is done by mail, email, phone and the interweb.