Local author pens OMRT history book

We don't normally do book reviews, but I can make an exception because I'm the one buying ink by the barrel.
Karen Risch, a contributor to this paper in many ways, has penned the true story accounts of Ouray Mountain Rescue Team.

What's it going to be, El or La?

So, what's it going to be? An unseasonably warm winter or teeth-chattering cold with lots of snow?
It depends on whom you listen to.
The Farmer's Almanac, which has been prognosticating on weather since 1818 using "mathematical and astronomical" formulas, predicts a colder than average winter from the Continental Divide east to the Appalachians. West of the Rockies, in mid-Atlantic states and in the Southeast everything is predicted to be "near-normal."
Is that normal-normal or the new-normal, as some would have it?

Row and spiral eaters

There I was, sitting with Beecher and my sister, Annie, at the dinner table. Terrific entrée accented by some Olathe sweet corn.
Nothing says diversity at the dinner table like observing how everyone eats an ear of corn. Annie goes round and round, from end to end, like a blade on a piece of wood turned on a lathe. Beecher goes round the big end just a bit, then switches to the across method, like a typewriter. I start on the left, go across to the right and repeat, 100 percent typewriter method.

Swimming bears and turning 60 in dog years

The county commissioners decided to hold more meetings before making a decision about winter use, plowing and access rights on County Road 5 and about a proposed trail system for county roads 5, 7 and 9. At this rate, the county commissioners might make a decision by the time the snow melts in April.

Uphill climb for trail group

The Ouray Trail Group faces an uphill climb this month. The Ouray Ranger District set a Sept. 1 deadline to remove the staircase OTG erected on the west end of Box Canyon Park or face having the ORD remove the staircase and recycle it. There didn't seem to be any "ifs, ands or buts" when it came to this directive. The staircase was funded by an anonymous donor to the tune of $30,000-plus.

Ouray council owns the Chamber issue now

From 2012 to 2014, I served on the Ridgway Chamber's board of directors. The last year, perhaps because it was my turn, I was elected president. Six of those nine months were the most stressful, sleepless nights of tossing and turning I've had since moving back to my home state in 2010.
The reason? Money. The chamber had none. In fact, the chamber was in arrears. As an organization, we were in the hole for the first nine months, so much so that I tossed and turned most nights wondering if I was going to have to be the one to tell our members that their money was gone.

Wishing on the City fountains

I'm sure, what with water restrictions in both municipalities, that no one would water their lawn, or the sidewalk, or the street on a Monday or off days. Right?

The funny thing about watering those sidewalks and streets is they just don't get any greener.

Day would be proud

Dear Editor,
It is that time of the year for renewing my subscription to the Ouray County Plaindealer. And in the memory of David F. Day, who began a publication in Ouray called the Solid Muldoon almost 140 years ago, I take my hats off (I have more than one) to Mr. Todd and Beecher Threatt for continuing the legacy. You need not apologize in taking second for "best in class." It certainly was no "egg (whole-yoke) in the face."

Only 18 months

Dear Editor,
Did you know that a 33-year-old man who seduces your 15-year-old daughter has committed only a misdemeanor? And that his only punishment may be 18 months of probation and sex offender classes—after which he is removed from the sex offender registry?

“Reds Under the Beds” and schoolteachers in the streets

The headline in The New York Times (April 26, 2018) read, “Teachers in Arizona and Colorado Walk Out Over Education Funding.” The story opened with news of a walkout that caused hundred of public schools in Arizona to shut down and “turned the streets of Downtown Phoenix into seas of crimson….”
Teachers, students and sympathizers wearing red T-shirts and chanting “Red for ED” marched to the State Capitol.