Sharing shades of generations

What a sight it's been over the past week or so to see so many gorgeous pictures being shared by everyone in the county. They say a true Irishman can distinguish 40 different shades of green on a hillside. If so, I bet a true Ourayan can distinguish 40 different shades of gold on a mountainside.
If you haven't had a chance to get up Red Mountain Pass or Owl Creek Pass or County Road 5 to see the colors because you work too much, then, well — you work too much. I had the chance last Friday to go up to Red Mountain Pass and see the colors. What an amazing display.

Housekeeping and taxes

A few housekeeping items.
First, we want to welcome aboard a long-time Ouray County resident and familiar face to many. Peggy Kiniston has joined our team, replacing C.J. Olin as Account Manager.
C.J., who was with us for over three years, recently retired. She and her husband, Randy, plan to galavant around the countryside and do whatever retirees do. Since the concept is foreign to me, I told her I'll have to rely on her stories and pictures. First up for the dynamic duo, a trip to California and on up the Left Coast.
Can't wait for details.

Can't live up to this

Dear Editor,
Let me rest in peace knowing the Plaindealer is like God — always present and available.
Your friend and nuisance,

Charm Kaiser
Ouray and Ojai, California

Rodeo weekend ahead

Dear Editor,
Oh, how I love this weekend. I would encourage everyone to come experience some of the many wonderful aspects of my all time favorite local event, the Ouray County Fair and Ranch Rodeo. There will be a lot going on at the 4-H Event Center, the  Barn and the Arena from Thursday through Saturday. The open class is really fun. Most all entries are accepted and most all entries win a ribbon! Bring any of your fine entries to compete from 9:00 a.m.- noon on Thursday.

Marijuana not needed in Ouray

Dear Editor,
It is so thrilling to see the streets of Ouray bustling with tourists and locals shopping in all of our wonderful businesses and enjoying the cuisine in our restaurants.
Their faces are in awe at the surrounding majestic mountains with their cameras capturing the view, children's voices and laughter fill the mountain air with glee.
Truth again that Ouray is such a special place.

Grandstanding for events

If you haven't signed up to golf in the annual Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce golf tournament, there's still time. This year's event takes place Sept. 20 at Divide Ranch and Club.
It's a terrific fundraiser for the chamber. In fact, as president of the chamber, I can safely say it's the biggest event of the year for this organization. Aside from the business end of it, it's also a lot of fun.

Feeling a kinship with a blood brother

While driving along the back roads of Ouray County, I sometimes can’t help but feel like I am living in a James Herriot novel. Firstly, there is no doubt in my mind that Ouray County has the same diversity of characters as one of his novels. And secondly, like Herriot, sometimes I have to just stop the truck and get out for a short hike in the sun or to pause at an overlook and enjoy the day.