Our advice: Call the Sheriff

Well, it's official now. At least as far as what has been sent to the Plaindealer. Republican and Democrat and Independent political signs have been vandalized in the county.
How do we know this?
We are the recipient of photo after photo after photo of spray-painted sign, or slashed sign or mangled or knocked over sign. You name the way you can destroy a political sign, and you pick the party represented on the sign, and we have a photo of it courtesy of someone in the county.
The messages accompanying these photos sent to us are varied.

Digust for campaigns

Dear Editor, 
I would like to express my disgust at the campaign for State House
District 59. I guess it is too late to throw these two out and start over
with new candidates. It seems like every day we get flyers in the mail that
sound like elementary school arguments. "Mike broke my crayons! J Paul
stole my lunch money! Well, you're a wiener face! Oh yeah, you're a poo-poo
I do not mean to insult elementary school kids. This race seems worse than most, which is a pretty low standard to fall below.

Jim Myers

The impact of our pristine views

Dear Editor,
I read with interest your recent article, “VIR Road Expansion Compromise Proposed.” This, as you made clear, refers to Section 9 of the Ouray County Land Use Code dealing with visual impacts. The process may almost be over: one workshop, a Planning Commission Public Hearing and a Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing. Looks as though we may have come to the end.

What about Bob...

What About Bob…
Even when Lovely Ouray's temps are in the 70s, I'm here to tell you that unobstructed high altitude late-September sun can be brutally hot. It's like an infrared kind of heat, one that cooks you from the inside out.

The lexicon of winning

You can excuse Kat Papenbrock, executive director of the Ouray Chamber Resort Association, for pausing a moment during Saturday's Oktoberfest in Ouray. I didn't hear exactly what she said to me moments before the winner of the 50th Jeep Raffle winner was drawn and announced, but it was a bit of exhaustion mixed with relief.
Kat, Heidi Pankow, the entire staff and all the volunteers at OCRA who put on Saturday's event should be commended.
It was a beer barrel blast.

Real men don't shoot cows

Dear Editor,
It takes a real man to shoot a cow in the face with an arrow. I'll add $200 to the reward Cristy Orvis is offering for information leading to the arrest of the guilty idiot. Anyone else want to chip in?

Kyle Ronemus    

Sharing shades of generations

What a sight it's been over the past week or so to see so many gorgeous pictures being shared by everyone in the county. They say a true Irishman can distinguish 40 different shades of green on a hillside. If so, I bet a true Ourayan can distinguish 40 different shades of gold on a mountainside.
If you haven't had a chance to get up Red Mountain Pass or Owl Creek Pass or County Road 5 to see the colors because you work too much, then, well — you work too much. I had the chance last Friday to go up to Red Mountain Pass and see the colors. What an amazing display.