Social Security: The funding of Second Childhoods

This report comes to you from “The Road,” as Bobbie and I chase Ms Autumn south and west across the climatically and recreationally gifted state of Utah on a prolonged immersion amongst flaming red rocks and cavernous canyons — trying to extend summer, suntans and, who knows, maybe even Life itself.

Posting prompt reporting

Dear Editor,

Thank you for posting the results of the VIR hearing of last Thursday evening on your website on Saturday; though I'm not sure but it may have been posted on Friday.
This was a meeting I was unable to attend and I am grateful to have been able to
read good coverage just two evenings after the event.
So often the papers wait a little longer for posting on the website but because this was an important meeting, you provided a report that the public could read at the earliest opportunity.

Kind regards,

Christopher Pike

Our advice: Call the Sheriff

Well, it's official now. At least as far as what has been sent to the Plaindealer. Republican and Democrat and Independent political signs have been vandalized in the county.
How do we know this?
We are the recipient of photo after photo after photo of spray-painted sign, or slashed sign or mangled or knocked over sign. You name the way you can destroy a political sign, and you pick the party represented on the sign, and we have a photo of it courtesy of someone in the county.
The messages accompanying these photos sent to us are varied.