Giving space to ideas and ingenuity

Back in the day, before the norm was a Man Cave with full wet bar and a 48 inch wide screen HD TV, men hung out in the shed. The shed had beer in bottles or cans in a beat up fridge, a license plate or two covering the holes in the wall, an old AM radio in the corner and pin up girls on every vertical surface not covered in tools. In the Shed men stood around and smoked cigars with their buddies while tinkering with the family car or (if they were luckier) a project car. Back then, fixing a car relied on the expertise of a number of friends from around the neighborhood.

Post-holiday hangover of an andropausal male

Warning: At the risk of being labeled “Mr. Grinch,” I'm about to take a leak on the annual guilt-induced, corporate-shakedown madness known as "The Holidays." I held off ’til after Christ's big birthday bash in hopes of escaping eternal damnation, hell’s fire, and/or a lightning bolt.

Not even Oprah can fly

I promise I won't write about our new dog each week. In fact, he won't get much more ink, unless we have a famous headline that reads "Man bites dog," or something sensational like that.
And the only reason I'm writing about him today is he did something pretty sensational the other day.

Passing of the gavel

Dear Editor,
As outgoing president of the Ouray Chamber Resort Association (OCRA), I am reflecting on the last three years serving on the board, two years as president and one as vice president. Lots of amazing successes have occurred here in Ouray during that time period. I believe the results came from a team approach of not only the OCRA board of directors but especially of the excellent staff led by an outstanding Executive Director, Katherina (Kat) Papenbrock. Accomplishments include listening to our community and bringing new events to town.

Decorative spirit

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank the persons responsible for the beautiful decorations placed around the "Welcome to Ouray" sign on Hwy. 550. Every Christmas season I look forward to being blessed by them.
To me, they reflect the Christmas Spirit of Ouray in honoring the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. May this Spirit  prevail throughout the New Year and always.

Dodie Dreshsler

Making kids happy

Dear Editor,
We appreciate your printing the Operation Christmas Child photo of the kids with the shoeboxes . . . front page no less!!!    I’m sure it made all the kids happy to see their photos in the paper. I was told that Grand Junction collected 8,001 shoeboxes from all the relay centers on the Western Slope this year. Truly amazing!!!

Ed and Jill von Delden

Effort has failed

Dear Editor,
With the recent vote by the Ouray County Planning Commission to oppose adding more county roads subject to Visual Impact Regulations as part of Section 9 of Ouray County’s Land Use Code, I was left uneasy, if not incredulous.
Uneasy, because after seven years of exhaustive time and grinding effort, the one item with which this entire process began, ‘seeking more regulatory protection for residential development on patented mining claims in the south alpine zone’, has failed.

Preserving vistas

Dear Editor,
Dear neighbors: Help - it is time for us to speak up in support of the magnificent beauty of our county and alpine areas. Our Visual Impact Regulations, in place and working well (since 19??), preserving the unique and awesome vistas we all enjoy, are in serious danger of being gutted. Once gone, pristine cannot ever be recovered.