Church and State

Your letter to the editor, “Let’s keep them separate,” Feb.25-March 2, asked, “Why on Earth would anyone want to mix… Church and State?” – following with, “I embrace the part of the Constitution that begs for Separation of Church and State.”

Paws-ing to give thanks

I wanted to express my overwhelming sense of gratitude toward the incredible community that Second Chance Humane Society has the honor of serving. The generosity, enthusiasm, and incredible support that our community put forth for our 9th Annual Wine & Whiskers Weekend was paws down an absolutely undeniable reflection of the level of compassion and humanity that exists in this little pocket of the world.

Forever grateful

This letter is to express my gratitude to the HopeWest Hospice staff that lovingly cared for my brother, Michael McCullough, and became part of the McCullough family during the last five months of his wonderful life.  Michael’s family has set up a memory gift location in his name. Donations can be made on line at www.hopewestco.org, by mail or in person at 725 S. 4th St., Montrose, CO 81401 (970-240-7734). Michael’s name will be engraved in a gold aspen leaf and displayed on the fence in front of the HopeWest office in Montrose.

Why is the Pledge an issue?

Dear Editor,
Why is reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before a City Council meeting even an issue? It is very disappointing to read that a Councilperson said, “This is not some- thing I agreed to when I signed on to be a Council member.” As part of your oath of office, didn’t you affirm your support for the Constitution of the United States? Did you not mean it? You accept all of the ben- efits of living in a free society and yet you are “morally against” pledging allegiance to the country you live in? Is there anoth- er country you would rather support?

His hand upon our nation

Dear Editor,
I am shocked and gravely concerned that we have two city council members that object to saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their meetings. These two women voiced their objections at last Monday's meeting, as is stated in the article "Council members not ready to pledge allegiance at meetings," in the Jan. 7 Plaindealer. I hope all of City of Ouray citizens read this.

Medicaid cuts imminent

Dear Editor,
This week Governor Hickenlooper is proposing dramatic cuts in primary care reimbursement rates in Medicaid - an average reduction of more than 23 per- cent. This action will reduce access to quality health care and it will penalize all Coloradans who will pay more for their health care due to inevitable cost shifting.
We currently struggle with a shortage of providers that accept Medicaid and these drastic reimbursement cuts will result in an even greater number of providers that will not accept Medicaid.

Road & Bridge audit available

In late 2014, the Ouray County Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator initiated a comprehensive audit of the County’s road and bridge department and policies. This was done with full support of the Road & Bridge (R&B) Department and Road Committee. Under increasing pressure to do more with less and ensure maximum efficiencies, it was clear that drastic and creative measures are necessary to provide and maintain a cost-effective county road system and to align expectations realistically with available funding and resources.

A New Year’s mourning muse

Well, well... the first day of another new year, my 65th, but who’s counting. Thanks to coffee and a one-and-done drink/in-bed-by- nine celebration last night, I greet the New Year wide-eyed and bushytailed. I write this by fire- light, swallowed in the gullet of an overstuffed Lazy Boy that reminds me of long ago times in Grandma’s lap at church, my head buried in the cleavage of her great bosom, a choir singing, “How Great Thou Art.”

Chances are goo that...

Does your chance to win the $1.5 gajillion Powerball increase with every ticket you buy with a new set of numbers?
According to the Powerball website, winning the grand prize and assuring yourself of becoming everyone's favorite aunt or uncle is one in 292,201,338.
Frankly, I don't understand the math. I have recently read "experts" tell it both ways. One camp says each ticket holds the astronomical odds of one in 292 million, and no matter how many different sets of numbers you have, those odds don't change per ticket.

Which is it?

Dear Editor,

For about a month I have heard the Hub-Bub about second chance. As a donor
of many clothes, much furniture and attendee of their fundraisers, I want to
know the truth.

1. Ms. Kelly Goodin has stated and she has been quoted in the paper as
saying that the City of Ouray is the only entity (San Miguel, Telluride,
Ridgway and Ouray County) that does not have a contract with Second Chance
and that Second Chance will not change the agreement just for the City of