Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad <Wolf> Bear?

Europe, the birthplace of the "Little Red Riding Hood" legend and the Big Bad Wolf, is now home to twice as many wolves as the contiguous United States, a new study finds, despite being half the size and more than twice as densely populated.
National Geographic, Dec. 19, 2014        

Living on the right side of the street

Talked to long-time Ouray resident Bud Zanett this week. He was recalling that this month marks the 99th anniversary of Rosa and John Zanett's arrival in Ouray. They were his grandparents,
John came to the states in 1910 and Rosa in 1912, and the two were married in Ohio and came to Ouray lured of mining.
The couple lived on 2nd Street, and back then options were limited as to where you could live. Those of Italian descent - not the rich folks - weren't "allowed" to live on the east side of Ouray.

Leaving Paris Climate Accord

Dear Editor,
Leaving the Paris Climate Accord diminished America. We have relinquished our leadership role in combating the most serious environmental, economic and social problem confronting planet Earth. Human-caused increases in CO2 and methane are well documented, and if not controlled have the potential to disrupt global food production, displace millions who live in coastal population centers, and produce unprecedented human population movements.  

Thoughtful attention to expenses

Dear Editor,
Kudos to Charles Carson for his enlightenment of comparisons among Ouray County infrastructures. His courthouse recommendations show thoughtful thinking as to a more reasonable attention to expenses. How can a $3,000,000 renovation take priority over some of our absolutely horrible roads. Dust and pot holes contribute to health problems and damages to automobiles. Those who don’t use unpaved county roads are probably not familiar with the problems caused by regular use of them that folks who live on them must deal with.

Unexpected camping

Dear Editor,
Re: “I unexpectedly had a heart attack eight years ago. I can't ever remember having to unexpectedly go camping.”
Possibly if we did take a few more “unexpected” camping trips, we would have a few less unexpected heart attacks. Just saying…
Carl Mackey

A critical decision

Dear Editor,
In the next two weeks, the Ouray School Board will be making a critical decision that I believe will be a real “game changer” in this community. The 2017–18 school budget will have ramifications for jobs, curriculum quality and the presence or absence of financial reserves. The School Board is in a thankless position and nobody need envy the responsibility it holds in making this decision.

Hiking on high… a fun way to get in shape for summer

If you are like me—a little kid with 67 birthdays—then you believe Einstein was spot on when he said, “Play is the highest form of research.” And how fortunate are we to have the “lab” in our own backyard?

Thanks for mining conference

Dear Editor,
I’m writing to express my thanks to the organizers of the San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference held in Ouray May 23-25. It was a very worthwhile event. Even without a background in science, engineering or mining, each of the conference presenters helped me gain a better appreciation of what is being done and what can be done to clean up the many legacy mines in Ouray County.

Ouray Hot Springs Pool is open

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool opened Saturday a few hours later than scheduled, but after nine months what did a little more anticipation matter?
Evidently, it didn't. I was there at 10:00 a.m. when it was scheduled to open, and when I came back at noon the same people, and then some, were waiting for the doors to open.
We know there's still work to be done, but swimming and soaking had to be done this Memorial Day weekend. The new design has five distinct pools, but the majority were closed. On Saturday only one pool was open. On Sunday and Monday just two were open.