Taxes in support of partisanship

Dear Editor,
The email chain provided by CCAT does in fact list (County Commissioner) Ben Tisdel as having pledged 'about $2,000' to the organization (CCAT), it also contains some rather bizarre emails, and statements by Ben. I suppose we could ask Ben to think back, and possibly correct the record regarding the pledge, but I'm not really interested in that aspect of his poli- tics, and I'm not looking to embarrass him further. I would much rather take the opportunity to dial the rhetoric down a lit- tle.

Time to pack up…and go home

Summer is most assuredly in full swing. The heat around here has been a little much for me. I don’t know what you do to cool off...there are many options, I know.

Sucking mega-bits through a straw

In 2016, over 1,000 billion gigabytes of data were exchanged worldwide. That sounds like a lot.
At the same time, 35 million Americans didn't, and still don't, have access to 25 megabits per second broadband.
The upload speed at my house (and office) is 0.69 Mbps, and the download speed is 5.04 Mbps. That's not a lot.
We've all followed the efforts and roadblocks to getting high speed broadband to rural Colorado in recent years—to anywhere not off an I-25 or I-70 exit.
We're still waiting.

Love the paper, missing the bird pictures

Dear Editor,
Just to compliment and communicate with you and your staff.
First, I’ve recently “come home” to SW Colorado, and have been so impressed with your weekly paper. Detailed news of local happenings with USEFUL information for those of us who can’t/don’t go to various county and city meetings but like to know what’s going on and why. Especially the “why.”

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad <Wolf> Bear?

Europe, the birthplace of the "Little Red Riding Hood" legend and the Big Bad Wolf, is now home to twice as many wolves as the contiguous United States, a new study finds, despite being half the size and more than twice as densely populated.
National Geographic, Dec. 19, 2014        

Living on the right side of the street

Talked to long-time Ouray resident Bud Zanett this week. He was recalling that this month marks the 99th anniversary of Rosa and John Zanett's arrival in Ouray. They were his grandparents,
John came to the states in 1910 and Rosa in 1912, and the two were married in Ohio and came to Ouray lured of mining.
The couple lived on 2nd Street, and back then options were limited as to where you could live. Those of Italian descent - not the rich folks - weren't "allowed" to live on the east side of Ouray.

Leaving Paris Climate Accord

Dear Editor,
Leaving the Paris Climate Accord diminished America. We have relinquished our leadership role in combating the most serious environmental, economic and social problem confronting planet Earth. Human-caused increases in CO2 and methane are well documented, and if not controlled have the potential to disrupt global food production, displace millions who live in coastal population centers, and produce unprecedented human population movements.