A Sixth Extinction—fair warning or fake news?

A new National Academy of Sciences study concludes the planet is facing a real threat of “biological annihilation.” The scientists who carried out the research call the decimation of the world’s large mam- mals a “global epidemic” and say the rate of decline is accelerating.
Up to 50 percent of all individual ani- mals have been lost in recent decades. Two-fifths of the 177 mammal species sur- veyed lost more than 80 percent of their range or geographic distribution between 1900 and 2016.

A glowing tribute

Dear Editor,
You did it again, BIG TIME!
Your article on Joan Fedel was truly a tribute to a wonderful lady. I am sure that her family is glowing. You described her
as if you had been in town FOREVER! Great job,
Carolyne Kelly


Kosmikophobia, or your ticker?

I was told this week a big, fat, hairy rumor. Maybe rumor is too harsh. Let's call it a belief — that there have been grizzly sightings up on Owl Creek Pass.
Not grizzled, as in older vacationers with silvery beards. We're talking the 600-lb. variety of ursus arctos horribilis, brown bear, Kodiak bear. You get the idea. Something that requires a lot of berries...and a few more vacationers...than our beloved black bear.

Filling “the holes in our hearts” with memorable experiences instead of “stuff”

One must take inspiration and relief where I find it these days. For me it’s mostly outdoors in nature, my antidote to “The Sultan” and “Sheeple” who continue to invent new ways to disappoint. I was recently heartened by an essay, “The Hole in our Hearts,” by fellow blogger and wonderer, Juliet—a millennial half my age with an “old soul” beyond her years.

Taxes in support of partisanship

Dear Editor,
The email chain provided by CCAT does in fact list (County Commissioner) Ben Tisdel as having pledged 'about $2,000' to the organization (CCAT), it also contains some rather bizarre emails, and statements by Ben. I suppose we could ask Ben to think back, and possibly correct the record regarding the pledge, but I'm not really interested in that aspect of his poli- tics, and I'm not looking to embarrass him further. I would much rather take the opportunity to dial the rhetoric down a lit- tle.

Time to pack up…and go home

Summer is most assuredly in full swing. The heat around here has been a little much for me. I don’t know what you do to cool off...there are many options, I know.

Sucking mega-bits through a straw

In 2016, over 1,000 billion gigabytes of data were exchanged worldwide. That sounds like a lot.
At the same time, 35 million Americans didn't, and still don't, have access to 25 megabits per second broadband.
The upload speed at my house (and office) is 0.69 Mbps, and the download speed is 5.04 Mbps. That's not a lot.
We've all followed the efforts and roadblocks to getting high speed broadband to rural Colorado in recent years—to anywhere not off an I-25 or I-70 exit.
We're still waiting.

Love the paper, missing the bird pictures

Dear Editor,
Just to compliment and communicate with you and your staff.
First, I’ve recently “come home” to SW Colorado, and have been so impressed with your weekly paper. Detailed news of local happenings with USEFUL information for those of us who can’t/don’t go to various county and city meetings but like to know what’s going on and why. Especially the “why.”