Interesting story on weather

Dear Editor,
Thank you for the interesting weather story on page 1 of last week's Plaindealer: "Summer precipitation said to be 'just average'” by Mary Menz. It was great to see recognition for State Climatologist Nolan Doeskin, who started CoCoRaHS in 1998. Before that, the official NWS stations, located in cities and towns around the country, reported precipitation. Nolan's innovative new network gathered rain and snow data from rural areas like Log Hill and other neighborhoods of Colorado that weren’t included in the NWS data.


Dear Editor,
I attended the meeting on the proposed UROD (Uncompahgre River Overlay District) and felt like I was in second grade being herded around by a professional facilitator. By the time I left in frustration, no questions of substance had been answered and no one’s objections had been addressed.

Grateful for support

Dear Editor,
We are grateful for all the time, energy, donations and gifts this community has given in memory of our mom, Joan Fedel.
Thank you,

Fedel, Larson and James families

A redundant river runs though it

Joe from New Jersey, one of our many subscribers who doesn't live here, comes here often and thinks about our area even more often, renewed his subscription this week.
He said to "tell Ouray hello."
I think he means in the general sense, the one that translates to, sure, there are beautiful parts of New Jersey, but then there's Ouray.

A Sixth Extinction—fair warning or fake news?

A new National Academy of Sciences study concludes the planet is facing a real threat of “biological annihilation.” The scientists who carried out the research call the decimation of the world’s large mam- mals a “global epidemic” and say the rate of decline is accelerating.
Up to 50 percent of all individual ani- mals have been lost in recent decades. Two-fifths of the 177 mammal species sur- veyed lost more than 80 percent of their range or geographic distribution between 1900 and 2016.

A glowing tribute

Dear Editor,
You did it again, BIG TIME!
Your article on Joan Fedel was truly a tribute to a wonderful lady. I am sure that her family is glowing. You described her
as if you had been in town FOREVER! Great job,
Carolyne Kelly


Kosmikophobia, or your ticker?

I was told this week a big, fat, hairy rumor. Maybe rumor is too harsh. Let's call it a belief — that there have been grizzly sightings up on Owl Creek Pass.
Not grizzled, as in older vacationers with silvery beards. We're talking the 600-lb. variety of ursus arctos horribilis, brown bear, Kodiak bear. You get the idea. Something that requires a lot of berries...and a few more vacationers...than our beloved black bear.

Filling “the holes in our hearts” with memorable experiences instead of “stuff”

One must take inspiration and relief where I find it these days. For me it’s mostly outdoors in nature, my antidote to “The Sultan” and “Sheeple” who continue to invent new ways to disappoint. I was recently heartened by an essay, “The Hole in our Hearts,” by fellow blogger and wonderer, Juliet—a millennial half my age with an “old soul” beyond her years.