The man who invented nature—a postmodern parable

Ecocide: “the extensive damage to…ecosystem(s) of a given territory…to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by inhabitants of that territory has been or will be severely diminished.”

On transitions and numbered days

So deep into August I can almost feel September’s cool breath upon my neck. Children are headed back to school where they belong, ruing the loss of summer and freedom as they gaze out classroom windows. Moms and Dads fair worse in work ruts, pondering with puppy-love fondness a recent vacation to Lovely Ouray, grieving the funeral procession of the 50 abysmal weeks that stands between them and a return to paradise. Ouranians know the days of summer are numbered when they can find a parking spot on Main Street.

Jumping clear out of his trailer

When Winifred Colby of Montrose fell ill while attending the last day of the Highgraders Holiday a few Sundays ago in Ouray, she was later most distraught about not being able to find out who won the events. She was helped to her car, she said, by Ouray resident, mining veteran and firefighter Steve Martinez and made her way home.
This week, she called me to get a copy of the paper with the results, insisting to pay for it.

Interesting story on weather

Dear Editor,
Thank you for the interesting weather story on page 1 of last week's Plaindealer: "Summer precipitation said to be 'just average'” by Mary Menz. It was great to see recognition for State Climatologist Nolan Doeskin, who started CoCoRaHS in 1998. Before that, the official NWS stations, located in cities and towns around the country, reported precipitation. Nolan's innovative new network gathered rain and snow data from rural areas like Log Hill and other neighborhoods of Colorado that weren’t included in the NWS data.


Dear Editor,
I attended the meeting on the proposed UROD (Uncompahgre River Overlay District) and felt like I was in second grade being herded around by a professional facilitator. By the time I left in frustration, no questions of substance had been answered and no one’s objections had been addressed.

Grateful for support

Dear Editor,
We are grateful for all the time, energy, donations and gifts this community has given in memory of our mom, Joan Fedel.
Thank you,

Fedel, Larson and James families

A redundant river runs though it

Joe from New Jersey, one of our many subscribers who doesn't live here, comes here often and thinks about our area even more often, renewed his subscription this week.
He said to "tell Ouray hello."
I think he means in the general sense, the one that translates to, sure, there are beautiful parts of New Jersey, but then there's Ouray.