EPA adversely impacting mining

Dear Editor,
The Environmental Protection Agency is pushing an obscure new regulation that could adversely impact Colorado’s miner- al mines. The issue at hand is whether the EPA should duplicate the require- ments already placed on Colorado mining companies to cover clean-up and recla- mation costs.

Letters from Ridgway: 1891

In keeping with last week's theme of reprinting some of the history that's lying around this ink-stained office, I ran across the following, one of a series of letters. The letters were written in 1891 by John C. Bachelder to his brother Millard and sister Lida. The letters were subsequently given to the late Roger Henn of Ouray, by Glen Bachelder, grandson of Millard. John Bachelder had been a conductor with the Kalamazoo and South Haven, Michigan, and struck out on his own for the Colorado frontier, landing in Ridgway.

Paving CR 1 is for convenience of few

Dear Editor,
After evaluating the pros and cons of the proposed paving of County Road 1, I have come to the conclusion there is only reason to do so and that is "for the convenience of a few"!

Land exchange a bad idea

Dear Editor,
I was interested to see the Plaindealer article regarding the land exchange of the Thistledown properties, giving Rockbiter Corp. ownership of Forest Service land along Canyon Creek. The Forest Supervisor for the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest, Mr. Scott Armentrout, is quoted as saying, “It is desirable … (for administration and management reasons) … to effect this ownership change.”

My two cents on CR 1

Dear Editor,
Regarding the paving of CR1, I would to throw my two cents into the discussion.
I’ve heard of lot of comments on why we shouldn’t go forward with this project. I’ll make it perfectly clear that while I respect everyone’s right to their opinion, I am in disagreement with those opinions.

I love Ouray

Dear Editor,
Today I received the May 5-11, 2016, issue of the Ouray County Plaindealer and noted with interest the information on the Atlas Mine in Don Carlton's "Ouray Sketchbook."
I am interested in the Atlas Mine because of family involvement. On December 4, 1920, my father-in-law, Harry Wagner, invested $11,338, at one dollar per share, in the mine. My late husband did not know whether his father ever received any return on his investment. I attach a photocopy of the share certificate, with its raised seal.

Addressing Alpine Zone regulations

Dear Editor,
By Resolution 2016-018, the Board of County Commissioners has referred to the Planning Commission the issue of potential regulations addressing residential development on patented mining claims and mill sites in Ouray County at or above an elevation of 9500 feet. The BOCC asked the Planning Commission to make its recommendations by August 1, 2016. The Resolution outlines the process to be followed and raises 18 specific questions to be answered.

Ridgway Chamber restructures operations

Dear Editor,
The Ridgway Chamber would, again, like to thank the residents of Ridgway for voting last November to change the Lodging Tax percentage to 3.5% and the allocation of the Lodging Tax to 70% designated for marketing the Town of Ridgway and 30% to the Town. The Chamber received the contract for the LOT funds in February from the Town of Ridgway.Along with the new funding level comes additional responsibility for the Chamber and Chamber Board.