Kudos to Road & Bridge

Dear Editor,
Food for thought: It's soon going to be time to discuss the condition of
roads again. While I support a county-wide increase in taxes to fund the Road
and Bridge Department, I have done some research on a portion of the existing
dollar allocation. This might surprise/shock some of you. Tax area2 consists
of 3,487 properties. These properties are all in the Ridgway Library
Road and Bridge receives $143,250 and the library receives $319,860

Debating school funding

Dear Editor,
Due to consecutive years of the state shortchanging K-12 education—Ouray has lost about $1.5 million over the past five years—the School Board is now struggling with how to fund our district this coming year and in future years. It is obvious to me that we cannot look to the state to help us; we have to help ourselves.

Acting ill-mannered

Dear Editor,
Who were those people at Congressman Tipton’s Town Hall meeting in
Montrose—shouting, interrupting, stomping their feet, booing, waving signs
and generally acting like the cheering squad at a hometown basketball game?
And why were they so ill-mannered as to badger our elected U.S. Congressman
in this unseemly fashion?
I was one of them, so let me explain.
Looking around the high school gym that night, I recognized quite a few among
the 400 or so folks acting up to get Rep. Tipton’s attention. I saw

Dust control alternatives

Dear Editor,
The Road and Bridge department (Department) is currently researching alternatives to mag chloride. Mag chloride has been used on county roads for a number of years with varying degrees of success.
Mag chloride works well as a dust suppressant but it has not worked well as a road binder. The Department has been researching alternative products that have the possibility of working as a dust suppressant as well as a road binder. There are two products that have the possibility of achieving both. They are: Earthbind from EnviRoad LLC, and DustGard 80/20 from GMCO.

Warming trend

Dear Editor,

This year's February daytime warming trend referred to in your front page story on the Ice Park is indeed real and more severe than in the past two Februaries, 2015 and 2016. Nighttime February temperatures have also increased dramatically this year. Since ice is made at night, these figures are concerning for the Ice Park. I thought your readers might like to see a listing of the monthly average high and low temperatures for the last two Februaries and for the first 18 days/nights of this February.

Congrats to Richard Weber

Dear Editor,
I wanted to take the time to thank Richard Weber for such a fantastic job organizing the skijoring for the Town of Ridgway. It is a great winter event for the families and community to come together. Since we are a farming/ranching town, along with folks that ski - it could not have been more perfect. Thank you,

Cathy Redmond
Ridgway Real Estate

Appalled at quote about sprinkler systems

Dear Editor,
I was appalled and outraged to read a quote in the Jan. 5 issue of the paper from Michael Bazin: “Sprinkler systems really do not save lives; people who die in fires die from smoke inhalation.”
Really? The NFPA and plenty of other reliable and respected sources, readily searchable on the internet, disagree. From an NFPA report US Experience with Fire Sprinklers dated June 2013: “With wet-pipe sprinklers the fire death rate per 1,000 reported home structure fires was lower by 82% and the rate of property damage per reported home structure fire was lower by 68%.”

Silverton Heli-ski will negatively impact area

Dear Editor,
There is a proposal to add 10,686 acres to heli-ski terrain east of (San Juan) County Road 2 along the Animas towards Eureka.
There are two possible outcomes if approved by the BLM:
1. Avalanche control work with explosives occurs above the Cunningham Gulch Nordic track.
2. The Cunningham Gulch Nordic track, a public road, and access to backcountry skiing, is closed.