Unexpected camping

Dear Editor,
Re: “I unexpectedly had a heart attack eight years ago. I can't ever remember having to unexpectedly go camping.”
Possibly if we did take a few more “unexpected” camping trips, we would have a few less unexpected heart attacks. Just saying…
Carl Mackey

A critical decision

Dear Editor,
In the next two weeks, the Ouray School Board will be making a critical decision that I believe will be a real “game changer” in this community. The 2017–18 school budget will have ramifications for jobs, curriculum quality and the presence or absence of financial reserves. The School Board is in a thankless position and nobody need envy the responsibility it holds in making this decision.

Thanks for mining conference

Dear Editor,
I’m writing to express my thanks to the organizers of the San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference held in Ouray May 23-25. It was a very worthwhile event. Even without a background in science, engineering or mining, each of the conference presenters helped me gain a better appreciation of what is being done and what can be done to clean up the many legacy mines in Ouray County.

Saving energy and money

Dear Editor,
One of the most cost effective government programs is the Energy Star Program administered by the EPA. President Trump has called for eliminating this program in his budget! This program benefits commercial businesses and residential homeowners to the tune of billions of dollars each year.  In addition it is a tremendous benefit to our environment.

Road touch-up appreciated

Dear Editor,
Thank you to Road and Bridge’s Steve Calkins and his team for the excellent job done repairing cracks on the paved roads in Log Hill Village and the County Road 1 ascent.
After enduring years of deterioration on our paved roads, and feeling our complaints and concerns were being ignored, the current crack sealing work, along with other recent observable initiatives by the Road and Bridge team, does bring hope that the county is making progress in determining the best allocation and use of its funds and resources.   

Marijuana stink

Dear Editor,
A lot of time has been spent by citizens of Ouray County to minimize the impact of development on the natural beauty of the local area. I find that (aside from the admiring scenery relatively free of the scars of human activity) one of the simple joys of living here is walking outside and breathing the crisp clear air.