Grateful for support

Dear Editor,
We are grateful for all the time, energy, donations and gifts this community has given in memory of our mom, Joan Fedel.
Thank you,

Fedel, Larson and James families

A glowing tribute

Dear Editor,
You did it again, BIG TIME!
Your article on Joan Fedel was truly a tribute to a wonderful lady. I am sure that her family is glowing. You described her
as if you had been in town FOREVER! Great job,
Carolyne Kelly


Taxes in support of partisanship

Dear Editor,
The email chain provided by CCAT does in fact list (County Commissioner) Ben Tisdel as having pledged 'about $2,000' to the organization (CCAT), it also contains some rather bizarre emails, and statements by Ben. I suppose we could ask Ben to think back, and possibly correct the record regarding the pledge, but I'm not really interested in that aspect of his poli- tics, and I'm not looking to embarrass him further. I would much rather take the opportunity to dial the rhetoric down a lit- tle.

Love the paper, missing the bird pictures

Dear Editor,
Just to compliment and communicate with you and your staff.
First, I’ve recently “come home” to SW Colorado, and have been so impressed with your weekly paper. Detailed news of local happenings with USEFUL information for those of us who can’t/don’t go to various county and city meetings but like to know what’s going on and why. Especially the “why.”

Leaving Paris Climate Accord

Dear Editor,
Leaving the Paris Climate Accord diminished America. We have relinquished our leadership role in combating the most serious environmental, economic and social problem confronting planet Earth. Human-caused increases in CO2 and methane are well documented, and if not controlled have the potential to disrupt global food production, displace millions who live in coastal population centers, and produce unprecedented human population movements.  

Thoughtful attention to expenses

Dear Editor,
Kudos to Charles Carson for his enlightenment of comparisons among Ouray County infrastructures. His courthouse recommendations show thoughtful thinking as to a more reasonable attention to expenses. How can a $3,000,000 renovation take priority over some of our absolutely horrible roads. Dust and pot holes contribute to health problems and damages to automobiles. Those who don’t use unpaved county roads are probably not familiar with the problems caused by regular use of them that folks who live on them must deal with.