Thankful for a community that supports education

Dear Editor,
On the night of Nov. 7 I was handed the election results. Snow was falling as I ran through the streets thanking the citizens of Ouray for passing the Mill Levy Override (MLO). My “Jimmy Stewart moment” was met with relief and exhilaration as I felt the overwhelming support from the community for our school and the work we have been doing. Ouray passed its MLO with a 61 percent “YES” vote. From the data that I have seen, this is the largest school MLO margin of any community in the state.

Large-scale energy development hurts Alaska

Dear Editor,
Hunters and anglers are lucky to have the opportunity to experience the unparalleled solitude and challenge provided by the vast tracts of wild country found in Alaska's 19.3 million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  
In the Arctic Refuge, sportsmen can travel 100-plus miles without seeing sign of another person. Yet this opportunity - and the intact fish and wildlife habitat that sustains it - is threatened by legislation in Congress that would allow large-scale energy development within the refuge's borders.

That's just ridiculous

Dear Editor,
I am writing to complain and to call for action.
My husband and I renewed our individual health insurance for 2018 and it was
a simple, if painful, process. After researching online and consulting with
our insurance broker, we went with the same plan as last year, Anthem Bronze
Pathway X HMO 5400, as it is the least expensive plan that best fits our
needs. This is not a great plan, definitely not a “Cadillac” health
insurance plan. It has a $5400 per person deductible and $7350 per person
max out of pocket.

Senior citizens at the pool do not matter

Dear Editor,
This is the second letter I have written on this matter. The first letter I  wrote was on the Hot Springs Pool and Fitness Center web site. I have not received a response so I definitely feel that SENIOR CITIZEN LIVES DO NOT MATTER. Why? When the pool reopened after the Labor Day closing the open hours were advertised as 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday – Friday and 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. (No difference from before the closure last year except the pool is closed on Monday.)

Thanks for the patience

Dear Editor,
All of us, the Ouray Ice Park Board (OIPI), city representatives and many community members, have been pondering, working or waiting to see what strategy may be taken for the operation of the Ouray Ice Park and Ouray Ice Festival for the upcoming season and near future. For a variety of reasons, the process has been neither timely nor ideal, and we would like to convey our appreciation for the community’s patience and ongoing faith in our involvement in this process.

Interesting story on weather

Dear Editor,
Thank you for the interesting weather story on page 1 of last week's Plaindealer: "Summer precipitation said to be 'just average'” by Mary Menz. It was great to see recognition for State Climatologist Nolan Doeskin, who started CoCoRaHS in 1998. Before that, the official NWS stations, located in cities and towns around the country, reported precipitation. Nolan's innovative new network gathered rain and snow data from rural areas like Log Hill and other neighborhoods of Colorado that weren’t included in the NWS data.


Dear Editor,
I attended the meeting on the proposed UROD (Uncompahgre River Overlay District) and felt like I was in second grade being herded around by a professional facilitator. By the time I left in frustration, no questions of substance had been answered and no one’s objections had been addressed.