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Babies come from banks

Dear Editor,
I was sorry to read about Dave Wood's death. Dave was what has in this era of sliced and diced derivatives become a rarity: a true community banker, who knew his customers as individuals. I did my first transaction with Dave at age 17, when he approved a business loan for  $700. Twenty years later, he approved a loan for a third in vitro fertilization attempt (the first two having failed). That attempt succeeded, and whenever I am in Ouray with my daughter Genevieve I never fail to point out the Citizens State Bank and remind her that is where her mother and I financed her.

Alan Hall
Albuquerque, N.M.

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Saving Thanksgiving

Just read the last Plaindealer on line.  You were very resourceful in saving your Thanksgiving dinner celebration for your large family.
Our son-in-law cooked our turkey at 475 degrees for 2 hrs. and it was perfect. I had my doubts at first but he had done a test run a few months ago to verify that Safeway's suggestion worked. Will mail you a print-out later but here is the recipe my husband typed.
Good luck in your next turkey venture.  Joy Junkert - by the way I am 82 also.

Joy Junkert



TURKEY TROT (Dick Court)



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