Making kids happy

Dear Editor,
We appreciate your printing the Operation Christmas Child photo of the kids with the shoeboxes . . . front page no less!!!    I’m sure it made all the kids happy to see their photos in the paper. I was told that Grand Junction collected 8,001 shoeboxes from all the relay centers on the Western Slope this year. Truly amazing!!!

Ed and Jill von Delden

Effort has failed

Dear Editor,
With the recent vote by the Ouray County Planning Commission to oppose adding more county roads subject to Visual Impact Regulations as part of Section 9 of Ouray County’s Land Use Code, I was left uneasy, if not incredulous.
Uneasy, because after seven years of exhaustive time and grinding effort, the one item with which this entire process began, ‘seeking more regulatory protection for residential development on patented mining claims in the south alpine zone’, has failed.

Preserving vistas

Dear Editor,
Dear neighbors: Help - it is time for us to speak up in support of the magnificent beauty of our county and alpine areas. Our Visual Impact Regulations, in place and working well (since 19??), preserving the unique and awesome vistas we all enjoy, are in serious danger of being gutted. Once gone, pristine cannot ever be recovered.

Just fix it

Dear Editor,
Just fix it!
Rocks to the windshield. Flat tires. Lost hub caps. Mag chloride stuck in my wheels. Suspension shot. Wheels out of alignment. Clamps missing from the exhaust system. Can’t even carry on a conversation driving down County Road 1 to Colona. The washboard is too noisy.
The cost to pave County Road 1 will be super cheap compared to the lawsuit arising from the first fatality. Where will you get the money then?  
Just fix it. Don’t tell us again, “We have no money.” Just fix it.

Sue Nally

Abbreviated process

Dear Editor,
The Ouary Board of County Commissioners has scheduled a public hearing at 6 p.m. in the 4-H Center to consider adopting a revised version of Section 9 - Visual Impact Regulation of the County Land Use Code.