Support for wilderness

Dear Editor,
I write today about two wilderness initiatives that will favorably impact our region’s economy, ecosystem resiliency, watersheds, wildlife habitats and corridors, and recreation opportunities including hunting and fishing.  

Not owned by a hedge fund

Dear Editor,
First, congratulations on your CPA award, but sorry you were disappointed that it wasn’t “the big one.”
The many thanks are for your excellent work on your excellent paper, which I read thoroughly each week. When I read the commentary by Ms. Schlichtman (April 19), I realized, in honor of the first Colorado Journalism Week, it was time to let you know how much I’ve appreciated and enjoyed every issue. I’ve learned so much about this area just by reading them.

Held hostage by the NRA

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to yet another mass shooting carried out with an assault weapon and in response to those who are against an assault weapon ban. If you are not able to defend your home with a pistol, shotgun and hunting rifle, then there is no hope for you. The addition of an assault weapon will not help. You are already free to hunt, target shoot, be a gun collector and have guns for self-defense. Why must you also have an assault weapon?

Energy of immigrants enhance nation

Dear Editor,
My grandfather came over from Italy in the late 1890s. Southern Italy at
that time was a “s@#% hole country.” He was a carpenter and kindled a
thriving construction business. Whenever I see Hispanics working in
construction, I imagine my grandfather and his men speaking Italian rather
than Spanish, doing almost exactly the same thing. When my Italian ancestors
first came here, they would rent the attic of someone’s house because they
couldn’t afford a house of their own. Slowly they made money, had

Ignoring due process

Dear Editor,
In last week's Plaindealer John Kissingford made a compelling and passionate statement regarding sexual crimes in the county, understandable concern for safety in our community and a plea for public discussion on how the current national social climate has reached into our county. I share and strongly support his thoughts on these disturbing issues.

Let's be heard

Dear Editor,
Sexual crimes have been crowding our county’s dockets: one man charged with drugging women to rape them, another with grooming a teen-ager into a sexual relationship, another with involvement in child pornography. And at the end of this month, a case of rape.
All four of these men charged concurrently in our tiny county. These are the cases that have made it to trial, which all statistics on the subject suggest represents a tip of the iceberg.
I am chilled by that fact.