Government not the solution for housing

Government not the solution for housing Dear Editor, There is no housing “problem” for the governments of Ouray/Ridgway or Ouray County to “fix” (other than reducing taxes and regulations for

Day would be proud

Dear Editor,
It is that time of the year for renewing my subscription to the Ouray County Plaindealer. And in the memory of David F. Day, who began a publication in Ouray called the Solid Muldoon almost 140 years ago, I take my hats off (I have more than one) to Mr. Todd and Beecher Threatt for continuing the legacy. You need not apologize in taking second for "best in class." It certainly was no "egg (whole-yoke) in the face."

Only 18 months

Dear Editor,
Did you know that a 33-year-old man who seduces your 15-year-old daughter has committed only a misdemeanor? And that his only punishment may be 18 months of probation and sex offender classes—after which he is removed from the sex offender registry?

Community that cares

Dear Editor,
Ouray County Communities that Care (CTC) would like to recognize and thank the all the members of our coalition. We thank you for the many hours that you have volunteered and we are so proud of the commitment and work that everyone has shown!

Why retain Mark Garcia?

Dear Editor,
Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to speak at the city council meeting last week. If I had, I would have voiced my concern and disapproval of the PSA with Mark Garcia Proposal. I looked at the information provided in Exhibit A on the agenda and I feel like the City is paying a middle man whose work could and should be done by the employees of Ouray.

Support for courthouse renovation

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the citizens of Ouray County who approved the ballot issue providing for the financing for the renovations to the Ouray County Courthouse. You voted in good faith in the ability of Ouray County and its administrators and employees to oversee this incredibly complex project and as a member of the committee which promoted this positive vote and as one who continues to participate in the updates and community outreach I can tell you with complete confidence that this complex project is in extremely capable hands.