Ouray Hot Springs Pool is open

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool opened Saturday a few hours later than scheduled, but after nine months what did a little more anticipation matter?
Evidently, it didn't. I was there at 10:00 a.m. when it was scheduled to open, and when I came back at noon the same people, and then some, were waiting for the doors to open.
We know there's still work to be done, but swimming and soaking had to be done this Memorial Day weekend. The new design has five distinct pools, but the majority were closed. On Saturday only one pool was open. On Sunday and Monday just two were open.

Cowboys, rodeo queens and broken filters

Our life on the ranch is incredible. We have been blessed to be allowed to live on a beautiful piece of private land in one of the most picturesque areas of this country. But changes and updates to things believed "perfect" are normal, right? I only ask that the littlest of things be "made better." The problem is that I have to ask over and over and over again. I pride myself on not being a nag or "that kinda" wife but sometimes blunt statements are necessary when you are dealing with a house full of cowboys, rodeo queens and broken filters.

Let’s put the polite back into politics

Fair warning: what follows contains the word “politics.” It’s about the word, more than the thing. It’s not about gun control or abortion or immigration or Obamacare or any of the other issues that divide and distract us. Rather, it’s about something Aristotle called the “golden mean” by which he meant the middle ground between two extremes.

Some facts about sexual assault

Last month was national Sexual Assault Awareness Month, not that folks in Ouray County need an occasion lately to raise awareness of the topic.
We have five current sexual assault cases connected with Ouray County, each at various points of progress in the court system.
A plea has been submitted in one, with the court’s acceptance and sentencing still to come. Two others await trial and/or possible pleas, as well. Yet two others, which didn't occur in the county but are alleged to have been committed by Ouray County residents, are just beginning the legal process.

Rekindling the Bro-mance

“We aren't getting any younger,” as the saying goes, and, well, you never know, right? What better time to reconnect with my older brother, Dan…knock a few cobwebs off our sibling rivalry face-to-face, old man to old man.
Sacrifice is born of such things. Reconnecting involves breaking my preference to abstain from venturing east of the Rockies, not to mention, wedging myself into a child-sized seat on some cheapskate airline. ’Tis true: I’m a tad spoiled living here in my lovely mountain home.

Memories will be so thick

It wasn't an unnatural thought at first, as Beecher and I were led through the ongoing construction Friday at Ouray's Hot Springs Pool by City Resources Director Rick Noll, that seeing adults soaking and kids splashing where we walked could be a long way off.
But then, you hear the steadfast assuredness in Rick's voice as he answers the question many are asking: "Will it be ready on time?"
Quickly, and without hesitation, Noll said the pool will be open May 27.

A hero in the eyes of a black horse

It was over 15 years ago that the news reported about the Texas woman who drowned her five children. They said she suffered from postpartum depression. I have four beautiful children and I have never felt anything less than love for any of them.
My daughter, Caitlin, was just an infant at the time and I recall thinking, "What kind of a monster kills her own children?" I didn't know much about mental disabilities nor did I believe in postpartum depression or psychosis. I couldn't fathom the possibility of hurting one of my precious children.

Can identical twins get away with murder?

“Hi, Tom! How ya doin’?”
The greeter was a grinning Grant M., my friend and neighbor. He had just walked out of his front door. I was working in the yard. I looked up and said, “Oh, hi there, Gordon.”
He was a person I’d never seen before in my life, but I knew at a glance that his name was Gordon, not Grant. A mystery wrapped in a riddle, right? Here’s what you need to know to solve the riddle:

When I was young like Juliet

Imagine you're a "Millennial" from Seattle. It's been cold and wet for weeks—downright dismal with more drizzle and snow than should be allowed.

Truisms of the game

Truisms of the game
Do not show up to the Community Center in Ouray this Friday to help the City of Ouray place bubble caps on Douglas-fir trees around Ouray. Although a story ran within these pages last week inviting volunteers to assemble at the Community Center Friday, April 7 at noon, we now hear from the organizer that it's a little early in the season, and the excursion into Ouray's surrounding woods to help blunt the spread of beetle kill will have to wait just a bit.